Monday, August 7, 2006

A Couple O'Layouts

Two more layouts were completed at our weekly croppin' session at Dalcrafts. The first one is actually of daughter's goofing while cropping; using chipboard letters to write me notes on the table, and choking on dinner she was laughing so hard...yes, yes, in true scrapbooker fashion, while she choked, I took pictures (she was fine, BTW).The second one is of our cat Sheba. Inspiration for the photo came from catching the end of some "Funniest Animal Videos" show (or something like that) on TV... We saw this cat drinking milk from a glass by putting her paw into it and licking it off! It was so cute, we wanted to see if Sheba would do the same. She sometimes gets to lick our cereal bowls (after we are finished, of course), but this morning, I put some milk in a glass instead...just enough so she couldn't reach it by sticking her head in. No luck, though; she refused to get her paw wet, and instead tried desperately to stick her tongue as far as she could to get at the milk...hilarious to watch! Poor girl; I poured the milk out into a bowl after all.I used some great white ink to edge everything (making it "milky), and splattered white paint around the rub-ons title. Hidden journalling is slid under the smaller photo. Charms include a "purr" round brad, a cat's paw and a milk bucket on the white ribbon.

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  1. Super fun Lo's! Love the cat drinking out of the milk class! Classic!!!


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