Sunday, January 27, 2013

Vintage Valentine Vignette

This is the first year I have put together something vintage for February 14th. It all started when I found this silver heart-shaped tray at Value Village for $4. Of course I had to fill it with cinnamon hearts - my favorite, so I stock up since it's only available this time of year.

Then I popped by my local antique shop, asking if they had any vintage Valentines. What luck! The owner said he JUST found a box of them an hour or so before I came by! Awesome - I bought them all! They are just wonderful. Here's a peek at my favorites:

These two fold out for a 3D effect

Cutie pies... the little girl moves back and forth on a metal eyelet

The little boy at the table looks like he attaches to another card. His arm moves up and down.

These two goats butt heads when the tab is pulled!

This tab pull moves the lovers back and forth to meet in the middle

I just love the old graphics... put altogether in a display with the silver trays and candy, and viola! A Vintage Valentine Vignette!

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  1. Love your sweet vignette. I don't have any vintage Valentine's myself... I guess I will have to keep my eyes peeled for some now...


  2. I like how you displayed the ones with the goats butting heads. What an unusual Valentine to give to someone.


  3. Very pretty! I love cinnamon hearts too. I have never decorated for V-Day. It wasn't something my ex-h and I celebrated, and my fiance' is always on the road now.

  4. Hi Maureen,
    what a sweeet colection of old Valentines , beautiful.

  5. You were really lucky to come upon these Valentines! I just won a blog draw for five vintage Valentines, can't wait for them to arrive!

  6. Old Valentines are the best! I must admit I have a "few" to see yours!

  7. Such fun finds! And, a wonderful vignette. So cute. :-)

  8. How cuuute! My oldest LOVES cinnamon hearts but I ADORE the heart-shaped bowl! Its funny how they dissappear ater valentines but we have found one store in Kensington market that has them year round, joy!
    I love the graphics, the cards are absolutely lovely!


  9. I guess you were at that antique shop at just the right time to purchase these fantastic vintage valentines. I love them all.
    I wanted to thank you for visiting me today and leaving comments, I appreciate all of my followers.
    I had a great time during the grow your blog tour and made some wonderful blog friends along the way.
    Have a great rest of the week.


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