Saturday, December 1, 2012

Antique Show Treasures

A couple of Fridays ago, a co-worker stopped me in the hall to ask if I was going to the Antique Show that upcoming Sunday. "Show? What show?" I asked... I didn't have a clue and it was only two days away. How did this happen?

I texted daughter and we made our plans. I love these big events, but you have to be there when the doors open. It's always packed with shoppers so we have gotten quite efficient in our attack plan: we split up, do some fast rounds of the tables to pick up the best stuff, then meet up to discuss and point out items we think the other person might still be interested in. We also make a few trips out to the car so we aren't loaded down with bags.

Here are a few smalls I was able to find. Four insulators, including a beautiful turquoise one! A pocketwatch, old needle case, Staffords Violet Stamping Ink bottle in the original box, two early 1900's dumbells (I'll be writing about these later), an old bank money bag and an Edison Recorder box.

For $5 each, I added to the two Pie Birds I have already; now officially it's a "collection" which numbers 7:

Two printer's trays... since they were different and only $10 each, I couldn't pass them up:

These antlers were the first purchase of the day, a mere few minutes after arriving. At only $10, they were a great deal compared to the set I nearly bought a few weeks back priced at $55! I have since covered the base with suede and wrapped in rough rope. They now grace the wall near the Christmas tree, resplendent with gold ornaments hanging from them!

Speaking of Christmas, when I spotted these antique wooden skates, I KNEW they would be perfect to hang on my old sled:

Along with these antique bells on an old leather strap. This is called the "rump strap"; the part of the bells laid over the hindquarters of the horse and the sound they make is incredible... nothing like the cheap knock-off bells; you'd swear a sleigh was coming when these are shaken.They too now adorn my sled, propped up beside our fireplace (I promise, photos of that will come soon):

This great old piece of wood and steel is an antique yoke! Used for mules, oxen, or horses for plows and buggies. I am sure the fellow who sold it to me (for only $15!) was wondering what the heck I wanted it for... it's huge and heavy, but it fit perfectly on my mantle and now has two stockings hanging from those great old rusty hooks!

After Christmas I plan to make it a permanent wall decoration.

After we got home, I found the exact same yoke online, for $75 that was well over 100 years old. Awesome...

Yep, it was a great show; even daughter picked up some really cool vintage goodies for her home too.

Lucky for us the people at work know I love to shop for the old and rusty!

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  1. Those are absolutely wonderful!!! I love the insulators and antiques! What fantastic finds! :D Congratulations girls!


  2. I looooooove insulators!!! I just found a dark blue one at a junk shop in town. I was going to buy some fabulous purple bottles that I thought were antique, but luckily I inquired about them first. I was told that the bottles were originally clear and a local guy buys them, treats them with manganese and leaves them in the sun to turn purple, mimicking what happened naturally 'in the old days'. I'd prefer to have an actual old purple bottle than an old bottle treated with modern techniques.

  3. That's a lot of vintage goodness! I love the pie birds.


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