Thursday, December 27, 2012

Church Bazaar

A few weeks back, my mom mentioned that her church was having a Bazaar - there would be a small selection of goods and baking for sale as well as a nice hot lunch served. Since I have read about all the wonderful things people have found at these bazaars, I asked if I could join her.

I am SO glad I did! Here are just a few of the awesome things I brought home that day:

This stoneware bowl is crazed and old but in great condition - how could I NOT get it when it was a mere dollar?

When I peeked into the inside of this clock, I spotted the brass gears and thought it would make a great piece for parts... until I got it home, wound it up with the key and realized it works! And chimes on the hour and half hour!

What a fantastic addition to my studio! I just ADORE it!

Oh and it was a dollar too!

When I spotted some transferware on another table, I saw a sign that said $5. I assumed that was for the teapot.

Nope.... ALL this was $5.

I told my mom that they should have priced these things much higher -- I know I still would have bought them!

Oh, and the baking I brought home was delish too...


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  1. These are AWESOME!!! You are right to have snatched them! Lucky girl! :)


  2. Hi girlfriend --
    I am loading blogs into my draft post for the Grow Your Blog party -- you are all set!! Remember the party is on January 19th!!

    I just gotta say that stonewear bowl is a fabulous find!!!! You did good!!


  3. You brought so amazing things! I adore thos clock! Kisses x x x x

  4. Diane, you found some amazing deals!! I love the stone ware bowl. I can not believe you got that transfer ware all for five dollars!

  5. Great finds, I love these kind of bazaars...always cheap treasures to be found. The clock is my favorite for sure!

  6. Great finds! I love church sales, so many fun things at good prices!Thank you for sharing at TTF. And Happy New Year!


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