Monday, May 15, 2006

2Peas Monday Blogger Challenge

Is there certain animals you would never allow your child (if you don't have any, just imagine if you do) to have as pets.

Well, I LOVE pets; errr, let me re-phrase that....MOST pets. Much to hubby's dismay, I cannot stand the idea of pet snakes or bugs. Why the heck would you want a tarantula? Or a scorpion? Or a huge snake that just lays there (and you have to feed it cute little live mice)? I mean, give me a furry, cuddly cat or dog any day. We have fish, but I picked out colorful, beautiful species; hubby wanted a crab way! He had one years ago, and it would attack the fish - once I remember screaming at him to poke the stupid thing as it had a fish in both it's claws and was bending the poor thing in half! Never again will I have something like that...geez....

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