Wednesday, May 19, 2010


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Whew! Well, with one day to spare, I finished my submission to our hospital art gallery Juried Art Exhibition. This year the theme is "Healing", so I chose to do a collage of Magnolia stamped Get Well cards. I found the perfect collage of nine 5 X 7 frames all attached into one display way back in February when I first had the idea to do this. Over the next four months, I ordered the stamps and started to plan what I was going to do. Some cards had to be landscape, some portrait. I wanted a variety of colour schemes and designs. I also wanted to vary the techniques and embellishments...

For awhile there I thought I would never finish on time. But I did! Last night I completed the final card and attached each one to their own frame; using the Scor-Tape to securely adhere them to the front of the glass frames so the cards can be opened.

Here are all the cards in the frame, including an inside peek at each (if they have an inside that is!) as some were slightly altered since previously posting them. (Click on the images to biggify)

Tomorrow morning I hand it in and my fingers are crossed that it will pass the approval process; if so, it will be on exhibit in the hospital art gallery from June to September along with about 50 other pieces created by medical staff.

After months of work, I hope it makes it in. Wish me luck...


  1. Maureen, I have no fear that you will be fine and your cards will make it into the finals just fine. I have seen your work from the very first one and if any one deserves it, you do, so don't worry and I will say a prayer for you and have my fingers/toes crossed. I have left comments on most of them (all I think) and they are great so good luck and keep us informed..
    Hugs, Jean

  2. One is just more beautiful than the next. How could they not choose this work of art. Keep us posted.

  3. Maureen, what an awesome job--omg--it truly is a masterpiece. The Hospital should be proud to have this. Outstanding job !! A true labor of Love and it really shows.
    Hugs to you
    Monica M

  4. Woohoo! These are all so wonderful, you certainly would have my vote! You've done a marvelous job on each and every card....

  5. OH YOUR GONNA BE A HIT! Honestley they are super adorable and soooo cute.RubyM:)

  6. The Hospital will be more than happy to hang your work. Each card is a masterpiece of love and work. Love all of your great sentiments as well as your beautiful colouring and ideas. Good Luck!!
    Hugs, Candy

  7. WOW What a fabulous project. They are all so gorgeous. I think they should take pride of place in the exhibition. Good Luck.

  8. Maureen this is a wonderful idea. I hope your project gets j ustice and gets you into the finals. Great work, hugs shelley

  9. Wow! each and every card is fantastic. Good Luck!
    Hugs, Dena

  10. All of your cards are fantastic!

  11. Wow! Each card is just gorgeous. I can't pick a fav because I like them all!

  12. Wow, it's such a beautiful gallery here. Every single one of them is gorgeous Maureen!!!

  13. Gorgeous, I love every single one fo them!
    Hugs, Christine


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