Sunday, August 26, 2012


I am always on the lookout for some really "Victorian" looking frames... so when thrift shopping, if I can pick up something pretty nice, pretty cheap, into my basket it goes.

In the past few weeks I have found these four beauties:

Some are in need of minor repairs, some simply need a good cleaning. All were less than $10 each!

I was especially glad I found a suitable frame for my "Edison Electric Light" poster I got in the States a few weeks back. I love the corner scroll work that mimics the poster's scrolls:

I was also pleased to come across the largest one with the roses painting - the painting itself is a reproduction, but the frame is what I wanted. It is definitely old, something I knew at once since I spotted the back of it first:

before I turned it around to discover the velvet border, a favorite fabric in the Victorian era:

I will probably add my own artwork to replace the roses.

As for the others, I am still pondering... I kind of have fallen in love with that sweet little girl, so she may stay in her frame.

Now just to find room on my walls... which may prove a tad more difficult, since I have begun quite a, hmmm... er.... let's call it a "Project".

What "Project"?

Something I hemmed and hawed, pro-d and conned, and finally came to a decision about. But I can't reveal it yet.

For now, you'll have to be satisfied with this little teaser:


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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just Four

It happens sometimes... walking out of the thrift stores empty-handed.

Am I getting more selective in what I purchase? Do I already have most of what is on the shelves? Or is it a case of less to choose from because more shoppers have discovered these treasure-troves?

Probably a combination of all those reasons.

Last week after visiting my three of my usual shops without anything to show for it, I finally hit paydirt at Value Village where I found four treasures to add to my studio decor: two really nice doilies and two beautiful green pieces of English transferware ironstone.

Once you become used to shopping at thrift stores, you realize you have to look and look again. Then for good measure look a third time... up and down, in behind other stock and well, everywhere really. It is hunting in the truest sense as you never know just what you'll find in the weirdest places. I guess it's because people pick up items then put them down again anywhere they please.

Case in point: this plate was found in the "Collectibles" section with a price tag of $3.99. Cool; I added it to the two perfect crocheted doilies already in my cart.

Then a few aisles down, I came across this bowl for $2.99... in amongst the kitchen pots and pans! Cool again! I continued to hunt in case there was a rogue cup, saucer or other piece somewhere astray... but no more ironstone was found.

Even though they look like matching pieces, the two undersides are dissimilar (from different series by the same maker):

Which is why thrift store shopping is so fun - you never know just what the heck you'll find (or where!).

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Minnesota Antiquing

What a wonderful week! Daughter and I returned home after five days of shopping in the U.S. - not only at the Mall of America and IKEA this time, but we finally did something I have wanted to do on previous trips to Minnesota... hit the antique shops of Moorhead, Albertville and Buffalo!

Ahhhh.... the musty smell of old furniture and ancient treasures hit us as we entered each store

We must have walked miles up and down crowded aisles, digging for items that spoke to us

"Bring us home!"

The Antique Malls were sprawling feasts for the eyes; even the small shops had surprises to be discovered... and in each and every one, fans were humming; attempting to circulate the hot humid air

Prices were reasonable and a few great deals were found

Even a few vintage holiday items were just waiting for me to add them to my collections

A few primitives, some rusty metals, sweet old baby shoes - lots of wood!

Old cabinets brought a huge smile to my face and were perfect to transport the delicate "smalls" home

Now comes the fun task of finding the perfect place for each and every treasure in my studio!

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