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Hello, I'm Maureen; welcome to my Victorian Studio here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I'm a wife of 40 years, mother of one daughter and now a retired once full time computer geek at a local hospital since 1979. Yep, that's 40 years - all of which obviously weren't spent taking care of computers (as there WEREN'T any back then - yes I AM that old... I had PONG!), but I progressed from medical secretary to a Cardiac Computer Specialist before deciding to retire in the Fall of 2019.

When I am not working in my Studio, I play the part of Zookeeper to our resident two cats, bird and even a few bunnies and other wildlife that call my backyard home (where I am trying desperately to keep the few plants I call a "garden" alive).

I am a collector too (no, not "hoarder"... yet). Since I am a fan of science fiction and fantasy, I've been extremely lucky to have met and worked with a fair number of celebrities over the years, speaking and working at conventions. I have one the largest Star Wars toy collections in the country (for which I've been on TV, radio and newspapers) and have a few websites about Star Wars and my Ewoks animation cel collection.

I've loved to draw, sculpt and paint ever since my artistic father passed on his knowledge of fine art when I was very young. And my mother was crafty (gee, that doesn't sound so good, does it?); she taught me to cross stitch, knit, sew and the like. So I've always done some kind of art / craft all my life. I've even been fairly successful in selling some of my drawings as digital stamps on my DigiDrawn site.

Many years ago I also discovered a fondness to write and have been blogging about one thing or another since April, 2006... from general ramblings, humour and art to fan blogs. This one is my latest incarnation: a site dedicated to my artwork and crafts.

But WHY "Victorian"? Well, another thing my parents gave me was an appreciation and knowledge of my ancestors... they have traced our family back to 1555 in England and Ireland. So I guess even though I am a very proud Canuck, I still carry that British blood within me.

When it came time to set up my new art studio, I naturally was attracted to Victorian style antiques and 1800's primitives. 

So "Victorian Studio" was born. I hope you enjoy looking around and seeing some of the work I have created. Let me know you were here so I can visit you too! I am always looking for inspiration in crafting, artwork and vintage decor.

Oh, and be sure to click on my "Studio Tour" page to view way too many images and a slideshow of my creative space.

If you have any questions or just want to contact me, email me HERE.

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