Sunday, February 24, 2013

Keeping Balanced

While at one of our favorite antique store's 75% off sale last weekend, I loaded up on a lot of goodies; well how could I resist when the prices were so ridiculously low?

I picked up my fourth, fifth and sixth scales...

I know. That's a lot of scales.

However, these are my first two hanging or balance scales; my previous ones were all tabletop; two postal scales in my studio and the large grocer's scale with tray that's in my kitchen.

The grey tabletop was $15 and the two hanging scales were a mere $7.50 each! I mean really, I would have been kicking myself if I didn't grab them... The tabletop one is a really heavy cast iron with removable enamelware tray. I haven't decided whether this will find a home in my kitchen or stay in my studio...

The larger brass scale has a single tray and a weight that slides on the rod. I love it!

The smallest brass hanging scale has celluloid cups; when browsing eBay, I found out these are apothecary scales and are listed from $75 to $120! Wow!

I think I shall now look for some tiny treasures to display in them.

Really, really, tiny ones that is...

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spreading Out

I must admit I am lucky to have a hubby that appreciates antiques as much as I do. Which is why I have been expanding my vintage decor to other rooms in our home, not just my art studio.

I recently discovered this great wooden cart at Value Village for a mere $15; when the weather warms up I'll  take it outside to stain, but I couldn't wait months to display some vintage kitchen items I've found. So...

Most of these treasures were purchased at a local antique mall that had everything for 75% off! I found the great green-handled tools for a dollar or two each. The wonderful scale is something I had been eying for awhile, so when it went on sale I knew it had to come home with me.

So much more appropriate to have these in the kitchen than in my studio.

I love the rusty and worn...

the graphics on the toothpick box stating "From Canadian Woods to Kaybee Goods" and the Winnipeg Prairie Queen Honey tin (click any of the photos to biggify)...

not to mention this awesome old Mazawattee Tea box.

This year I hope to repaint and decorate the whole kitchen in a vintage style.

But for now, this is a great start.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine Gifts

This year's Valentine gifts were all about Vintage.

To go with a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital download "Skyfall" set, I gave hubby something from his past - a vintage James Bond Astin Martin toy car he used to have when he was young. An avid Bond fan, (well, the REAL Bond was from Winnipeg, you know), whenever he would watch 007 movies, he would mention this metal toy he once owned... who knows whatever happened to it. Probably handed down to his nephews and lost over the years.

He loved it and I loved that I could find something vintage for him, for HE gave ME something vintage too!


I finally have a dress form! I have been searching eBay, Etsy and the local antique shops for one that wasn't too expensive without success.

Then I discovered a vintage form for a reasonable price (ie. one-third it would have cost me on eBay!) on Kijiji Canada.

The woman selling it wasn't far from my home, so I picked it up on Valentine's Day.

She's perfect for both practical and decorative uses: I can put her in my bedroom to hang my work clothes on, or she can join me in my studio, displaying beautiful lace and / or jewellry.

And the best thing? I will be able to participate in this year's Dress Form Ball at the Polka Dot Closet!

What fun that will be... last year there were over 100 participants. I'll bet there will be many more come March 11th --  I can't wait!

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Honeycomb, Be My Own

Rats. Now I've got that 50's hit stuck in my head

Oh, Honeycomb, won't you be my baby
Well, Honeycomb, be my own

(Gad.... yes, I AM old...)

This past week I visited a Value Village I hadn't been to in awhile - it's normally out of my way, but when I found myself in the area I decided to check it out. What a good thing I did! I found three separate bags of honeycomb bells and hearts! For $5 a bag, I brought home a total of 44 honeycombs - some are newish, but there are a few vintage ones in the lot too. White, red, black, blue, yellow, pink; in four different sizes and various shapes. My "new" old suitcase is the perfect place to store them:

I love the two scalloped bells. I think the pastel colours will add a nice touch to some Easter decor come Spring.

A vintage red one (made in Denmark) already hangs in my studio.

And I couldn't have had better timing finding the eight white hearts. They look great on the mantel with my vintage Valentines.

The red and white lace is also a thrift store find from awhile back. Five hearts are hung with red ribbon here:

And three surround my cinnamon hearts candy dish:

The best thing about honeycombs? They fold up flat and are easy to store away from curious kitties too. ;)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Three Times The Charm

Have you ever seen something at the thrift store, picked it up, then put it back down again?

Only to discover, that after wandering about for a bit, realize you are back in front of said item again?

Of course you pick it up, turn it over, ponder the $4 price tag...

... then put it down once more since it's not really what you were looking for?

You try to put it out of your mind, but your mind figures out exactly where it would look cool after all.

So you head back, telling yourself "if it's still there, it was meant to be".

And there it is, waiting for you...

Or am I the only one?

I doubt it.

Yep, three times is the charm. I knew if I didn't bring this little cutie home, I would regret it.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Vintage Finds This Week

Even though it's been incredibly cold (-43C right now!), we did have a short respite of warmth for a few days, so I ventured out to a few thrift shops and a vintage store I had never been to before.

Here's what I brought home. This silver tray is really heavy; not bad for $6 (50% off!) and those cobalt blue salt and pepper shakers were only $2 each! I just LOVE their beautiful colour.

I found this foot-long piece of real coral at Value Village for $10 (a lady stopped me in the store and asked me if it was real... she was disappointed she didn't pick it up as she thought it was fake!). I propped it up in a wooden bowl with stones for now... I need to find a permanent place for it where certain felines won't knock it over.

I really thought I was done with the vintage Christmas decor... until I spotted this guy sitting in a cabinet peeking out from behind a bunch of other items at a local antique store. At first all I could see was the reindeer's face, and since I collect reindeer, I asked the vendor to let me see it. Priced at $25, he accepted my offer of $20 so Santa and Reindeer are now awaiting their time for display with the rest of my vintage Christmas decor next winter. They will make a fantastic focal piece as it is fairly large!

I have been looking for vintage suitcases ever since I saw so many people using them in their studios or just for decor. Daughter has found a few, but so far I hadn't had any luck. It wasn't until this past week that I finally found one in decent condition, for a great price.

Oh and just so you know, I HAD to buy it.

You see those initials? Well, they are MY initials. My full maiden name initials!

What are the chances of that?

I couldn't believe it. It was as if Fate wanted me to wait this long to find it.


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