Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bunnies In Pots

Each holiday, I like to create something special for dinner guests to take home. You may recall a few posts back I had revealed my "prototype" treat for this Easter. I am pleased to say that I finished all six "Bunnies In Pots" to grace each table setting for Sunday's family meal.

I'm going to ask daughter to decide who gets which bunny (because I can't).

There's a cinnamon brown fella with white nose and paws:

A gray one:

A medium brown large fella:

A black and white:

Beige first-try bun:

Or a large-eared cream-coloured:

If you want to see how I created them, check out my previous post HERE.

Hoppy, er Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Missing Out

Many years ago someone told me that she never wanted pets because, and I quote her verbatim: "They just die on you."

I thought how sad that statement was.

Sure, not everyone wants the responsibility of a pet; but they are a huge part of my life and to say that to someone who has had dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, fish and more... well, was not the most tactful statement.

Yesterday her words rang in my ears as I said a tearful final goodbye to our Casey. Yet after 16 years, I am so grateful she had come into my life.

If she hadn't, I would have Missed Out on her love.

Missed Out on her antics that brought a smile to my face.

Missed Out on the warmth of her sleeping on my lap.

Missed Out having her always just a few steps behind me wherever I trod.

Missed Out on her company, laying as close as she could to my chair while I crafted or watched TV.

Of course it's heartbreaking to lose her.

But I wouldn't have Missed Out on it all for anything in the world.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Hopping down the bunny trail...

Bunny trails in the backyard - not a human footprint to be found

And now they've even hopped inside our home!

Vintage crepe decoration - folds out on both sides, but I have just half open here

On the fireplace mantle

In the dining room

Silver bunny tray for $10 from a shop closing down near work

Living room

And even in the kitchen!

And chicks seem to have Sprung for Spring...

And of course, their eggs too...

My goodness... it finally looks like Easter around here!

Cross stitch I did years ago comes out once more

Happy Easter from all the Chicks and Bunnies!

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Is It Or Isn't It?

I've been trying to stay away from the thrift and antique stores lately, as we were hit with a huge unexpected bill for a broken water pipe under our home... if you want to read all about that horror, HERE is my post on my other blog.

So I went through my old photos and discovered some items I had picked up earlier this year but hadn't shared! My next few posts will be about those items and, of course my Easter decorations... once I get off my butt and decorate my home, that is!!!

Today I wanted to show you a great serving platter I found at Goodwill a few weeks back. It was only $2 as it has two chips; but I still loved the colour and shape and knew I could find a use for it. Since I was on my lunch hour at work when I discovered it, it's never made it home - yet.

Is it Majolica? It has "Portugal" on the bottom and is about 14" long.

At least I have "decorated" (if you can call putting out 3 bunnies and 3 eggs "decorating") my office for Easter - I'll bring it home after the bunnies are put away for another year!

If anyone has any idea if this is Majolica or not, I'd love to hear from you!

Even if it isn't, the bunnies look quite happy with their new leafy home.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

2013 Dress Form Ball

While visiting some of my favorite blogs, I noticed a few of them had participated in the Polka Dot Closet's "Dress Form Ball" last February. Now I have always wanted a dress form... and after seeing the wonderful things others had done with theirs in studios and bedrooms, I wanted my very own even more. Alas, the hunt proved difficult as antique forms were far out of my comfortable budget allowance for such extravagance... but I persevered searching for months on eBay, Etsy and even whilst antique shopping in person at home and on vacation.

Then a few weeks ago, I found one on Kijiji... and hubby bought it for me for Valentine's Day! He had some other ideas for gifts, one being the DVD set of my favorite mini-series "The Thorn Birds"; but this made it even easier for him and I was able to finally have a vintage form.

Alright! Just in time to participate in this year's:

And as a nod to that favorite Mini-Series of mine, may I present "Meggie":

She is wearing, well "Me"!  This is my wedding dress, circa 1980. I made it myself; and after just that one day of exposure, the poor thing has been hanging in a dark closet for 33 years. (Holy crap, I guess that makes it "Vintage" too... yikes!)

After a gentle wash, fitting Meggie into it was a challenge; I was only able to get this on her by opening a seam in the back.  She's about 2" larger around the waist than I was at the tender age of 19! (Ah, youth! I dare say I could never, ever fit into this anymore!)

She's dressed up the gown to make it more Victorian and less, well, "bridal". The hat is new; after searching the internet for Victorian hat styles, I created this from a white top hat, ostrich feathers, white flower with pearl center, a vintage brooch, white dove and a wrap of lace that ties in a knot and falls down her back, a little farther than the length of the sleeves.

A cameo and set of pearls adorn her neck. Every stylish Victorian lady had a cameo!

A closer view of the headpiece. Of course I wore a traditional veil for my wedding, but I do wish these were in style in the 1980's - I LOVE the top hat look!

A bit of bling has been added at the waist; a jeweled sash from which a gold pocket watch hangs. A pair of vintage white gloves are folded and tucked into the other side of the sash. Since it had a long ribbon tie, I purposely moved the tie from the back to the side to display the bow.

A closer look at the lace detail at the bottom.

I love how she looks!

Now who do I see about a cuppa tea? Let's get this party started!

Thank you so much Carol, for the invitation to your Second Annual Dress Form Ball. I just know Meggie will have a wonderful time visiting all the other guests!

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