Saturday, March 23, 2013

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Hopping down the bunny trail...

Bunny trails in the backyard - not a human footprint to be found

And now they've even hopped inside our home!

Vintage crepe decoration - folds out on both sides, but I have just half open here

On the fireplace mantle

In the dining room

Silver bunny tray for $10 from a shop closing down near work

Living room

And even in the kitchen!

And chicks seem to have Sprung for Spring...

And of course, their eggs too...

My goodness... it finally looks like Easter around here!

Cross stitch I did years ago comes out once more

Happy Easter from all the Chicks and Bunnies!

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  1. Did you decorate those eggs in the bottom pictures? They are sooooooo COOL! And I have always loved those honeycomb decorations. Very vintage. sometimes you can find them in the Miles Kimball catalog.

    1. Yes we did! Every year daughter and I have done Ukrainian style eggs - using hot wax and dyes in layers on blown-out chicken eggs, then you bake them to melt the wax off when you're done. We have accumulated quite a few over the years! Thank you JoJo! I have never heard of the Miles Kimball catalog - not something we have up here in Canada. I got that display pretty cheap awhile back on a Buy It Now on eBay. It is in perfect condition!

  2. Maureen,

    Love all of your bunnies and sweet chicks too!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


    1. Aw, thank YOU Debbie! A tad smaller grouping than yours, I must admit ;)

  3. Maureen, your home looks like spring..although I can no believe all that snow you still have..for goodness sakes, hopefully spring will be there soon!

    1. Thank you Dagmar! Yes, and there is even MORE on the way!!! Yikes! Spring has yet to come up here...

  4. Love the honeycomb bunny, so cute!

  5. Maureen- oh my! You are decorated so beautifully for Easter-- I love all of your pretty bunnies. Your cross stitch is absolutely magnificent. I love to do cross stitch but seem to have given it up since I've become so yarn obsessed- lol! You created a beautiful picture.
    Have a wonderful Easter holiday--

    Thanks for your visit -- it means so much to me:)


    1. Thank YOU Vicki! I love seeing your amazing creations... I hope you had a lovely Easter as well.

  6. What a sweet collection of bunnies. Every one of your vignettes is so charming and full of spring inspiration. Happy Easter to you too:-)

    1. Thank you Betsy! At least this year when I put away the Easter decor, I will bring the bunnies back into my studio so I can enjoy them year round ;) Hope you had a nice Easter too!


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