Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Podcast Episode 9

New Yarn!

Links mentioned in this episode:

Pen, Hook and Needles Podcast
Fondant Fibre
Undead Yarn
Fluffy Fibers
Stitched Together
A Homespun House
The Canadian Knitter
Kikiboo Bags
FO & Dye
Bakery Bears
Purls of Color

Congratulations to Andrea, the winner of our first giveaway! Thank you again Sara, for your generous donation of our first podcast prize!

Thanks so much for watching.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Podcast Episode 8

Nearly Thwarted By A Cat

This week I attempt to get back on track with my Tour de Fleece goals, as a resident feline attempts to claim the "Basket of Fibre" as her own.

Links mentioned in this episode:

My Ravelry Project Page
My Ravelry Podcast Group Page
Pen Hook and Needles Podcast
Homemade Sock Blocker pattern
MirasolPeru Wool Site

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Podcast Episode 7

Stitches Of A Different Sort

This week I talk about my ongoing knitting projects and as requested, show some historical cross-stitch.

We now have a Ravelry group and our first giveaway! I have also changed settings on my Ravelry page so non-Rav people can now see my Ravelry project page (links below).

Hope you enjoy.

Links mentioned in the podcast:

My Ravelry Project page

Victorian Studio Podcast Ravelry Group

Kitchener Stitch tutorial on YouTube

Purls of Colour Podcast

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Where Bloggers Create 2015


Wow! I cannot believe this is my fourth straight year participating in Karen Valentine's (at "My Desert Cottage") "Where Bloggers Create" party. What a great way to drop by the studios of old friends, discover new bloggers, get inspiration and receive visitors from around the globe to my creative space. Huge appreciation goes out to Karen as always for the opportunity to participate.

Even though my Studio looks mostly the same as last year, the biggest change is that my knitting and spinning stash and tools have totally taken over the old closet space. As my stash grew, so did the need to store and display it. I've also consolidated (and acquired a few more, to be honest) knitting-related items to decorate that area.

I hope you enjoy the tour!

Please click to biggify the images and feel free to Pin away if you so desire!

View as you walk into my 8x10 Studio

Main workspace with lots of drawers to store tools and supplies

The wooden Lazy Susan holds three glass flower frogs for pencils, scissors, tools

Closeup of desktop - repurposing old silver as storage

This bunny has been front and center of my desk for years

A few creations, some hourglasses and Beswick bunnies

Vintage products - love the graphics

RCA Victor sign and vintage Nipper salt & pepper shakers

Three Edison items - love that sign

Hand painted mouse plate circa 1905

My $45 chandelier found at a Re-purpose store

The knitting and spinning closet

How I store my circular needles

Yarn ends are kept in a vintage picnic basket
for use in future projects

South wall with cabinets on top of and inside a former dresser
(drawers removed and shelves inserted for more storage)

Antique collapsible top hat on a House of Lords cigar box
I think that postal scale is one of the very first antiques I collected!

Two Singers: one an antique toy!
Pincushions, notions and pins from 1806

Storage inside dresser - boxes, cabinets & small printer's trays all
make finding supplies so easy

Baby shoes under glass & pretty vintage doorknobs

Whenever I can move a sleeping cat, this old sewing desk is
perfect to cut paper or to hold my swift to wind yarn

or sometimes the cat sleeps ON TOP of the paper cutter...
Tawnee, that CAN'T be comfy, can it?

East wall - Regal china, crystal, silver and cobalt

Candlestick phone and bell box
The drawers below store oil and acrylic paints and painting supplies
the breadbox holds completed cards

Meggie models my circa 1980 wedding dress (hat made in 2013)
She stands in front of an authentic Union Jack about 80 years old

Sheba - who has an uncanny ear for knowing exactly when
I am eating in my Studio and appears like magic

Glitter in crystal salt & pepper shakers, other vintage glassware and buttons

Doesn't everyone have an antique fruit peeler?

Luckily, Dakotah leaves it alone

Under desk storage - file drawers, baskets, milk can and jars

The other biggest change for my Studio over the last year is that it has become my space to record my new podcast! You'll find them in previous posts below this one; even though they are mostly about my knitting and spinning, I do talk about some of my other artistic endeavors and hobbies.

Thank you for your visit - I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to check out the rest of the bloggers sharing their spaces in this year's Where Blogger's Create party over at My Desert Cottage. Karen, as always you are wonderful to host this awesome event - thank you so much.

Now I am off to ooh and aah at all the other participants creative spaces!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Podcast Episode 6

Le Tour

This week I talk about participating in "The Tour de Fleece", an annual event on Ravelry coinciding with the Tour de France race. I also show progress on two pairs of mitts and some stash acquisitions.

I hope you enjoy your visit!

Links mentioned in the podcast:

My Project Page at Ravelry
My Instagram Page 

Pen, Hook and Needles Podcast
Dancing Geek Podcast
A Wee Bit Knitty Podcast
Yuki Designs on Etsy
You Tube Kitchener Stitch tutorial

Thanks for watching!

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