Saturday, June 29, 2013

Oh Canada!

I don't normally check out the items displayed in the glass cabinets at the front of Value Village stores; usually it's filled with high-end collectibles, electronics or jewelry - not really items I shop for there. But the other day I was killing time waiting for hubby to join me after work; so I wandered over.

Am I glad I did... for a found this pewter medallion in a black velvet presentation box that's a perfect addition to my Studio (yep, anything with crowns or Royal emblems fits right in):

It's very heavy and measures about 2.5" across. Canada's Royal Coat of Arms is embossed on the front and the back is inscribed with "Parliament of Canada" in both English and French with the maker's mark on the bottom.

When I brought it home, I couldn't find anything about it online... other than the website for the maker Aitken's Pewter. I contacted them and found out that this medallion is from 2007 and was provided to the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa as a souvenir that MLAs could hand out.

A very cool item to find, especially when Canada Day was coming up.

I just love this tabletop ad I picked up at a restaurant many, many years ago... would can resist a flag-bearing beaver and beer? Oh so Canadian:

Speaking of beavers, here's my favorite one of all

So to all my fellow Canucks across our wonderful, beautiful country I hope on Monday you have a

Happy Canada Day!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rub A Dub Dub

You just never know what you're going to discover at the Goodwill...

The other day I found this for $6:

Since there was no lettering or graphics on the top, I thought I would decorate it myself. But what to do?

While looking for inspiration online, I found this photo while Googling "vintage washboards":

When I looked closely, I saw "Winnipeg" (my city) written on the left lower corner of the photo... and thought that my washboard looked very much like this one, so perhaps this was the graphic I should use. I found a straight-on picture to print it off so I could use the same technique as when I created my "Antiques" sign  to transfer it to the board.

But first, it needed a good wash as it was rather dirty. I started with the glass and then thought I could at least get some of the dust off the top wooden area so the transfer would adhere better. To my surprise, the more I scrubbed, the more dirt rinsed away, revealing something very interesting underneath...

Well holy crap! It WAS an Economy board! I carefully washed what I could, fearing I would take all the lettering off if I went too far.

So what do you think - leave it original and faded, or should I repaint the writing in black to make it legible?

Now I don't know WHAT to do!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nothing Goes To Waste

I share my Victorian Studio with two of my daughter's birdies, since she moved out last year and they aren't allowed in her apartment. Each one is fed special parrot and budgie seed mixes; but being finicky things, pick out all their favorite parts and leave much of it sitting in their bowls untouched.

Not one to waste anything, when I change their food I dump the leftovers into my large vintage Crown mason jar and take it out to my deck to feed the wild birds and bunnies (along with bread ends and pea pod shells after treating the birds with raw peas).

At least they're not finicky - they LOVE it!

Not soon after filling the wooden bowl on the deck and a bird feeder on the patio table, the guests arrive and the feast begins.

Here's the view out my bedroom window this morning -- photos were taken through a pane of glass and a screen, so I apologize that they are not super crisp. Click to biggify.

Awwww... my cute friend who lives under the deck is back.

Hey now... the BOWL is where your food is! Not my new planter and young marigolds!

Aw crap, now our friendly neighborhood squirrel has joined the "Party In The Planter".

Red Squirrel:  "Whatcha doin' rabbit?"

Mischief Rabbit:  "Munching."

Red Squirrel:  "On what? You ate most of the seeds in the bowl!"

Mischief Rabbit:  "Plants." Nom, nom. "They're yummy too!"

If I wasn't half-dressed, getting ready for work and snapping photos I would have gone out and shooed him from my planter....

Oh who am I kidding. No I wouldn't.


I guess I can always buy new flowers...

AFTER I raise that planter up a titch higher, that is...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

I created two completely different styles of Father's Day cards this year (unlike last year when both hubby and my Dad got the same type of card).

Here is what I created for hubby. I rubbed some of my new Tim Holtz Antiqued Bronze Distress Stain (I got at Michael's for 50% off) and his Black Soot Distress Ink on my Ranger craft mat then rubbed white cardstock around it to marbelize the page for the front of the card. Once dry, I ran it through my Cuttlebug with Tim's Brick embossing folder. Then I edged it with more Black Soot ink and attached it to the front of the black cardstock card.

I wanted to tag the brick with some graffiti, so I downloaded free graffiti fonts and free-handed my sentiment following the shapes of those letters. I used my Copic black brush pen, then outlined it with the Souffle white pen.

Then I attached one of Tim's moth images with Ranger's Glossy Accents to look like it was resting on the brick wall... inside is more distressing with the same materials and copper eyelets.

The second card I created is more clean and neat - for my Dad! I followed Christina Griffiths' video tutorial on how to make this cute shirt origami fold:

I chose some green and white striped paper and found her so easy to follow, I made this on my first try:

 I added five button brads and a pocket. I also found some soft cloth for a handkerchief and tucked it into the pocket.

Behind the shirt I placed a Spellbinder's die cut and a few more for inside the shirt for the sentiment. Inside the card I also placed another die and a hand written note to my wonderful Dad.

I can hardly wait to give them their Father's Day gifts and cards!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Drawings

Last weekend I finally got another digi image drawn... it's been too long since I've added to my inventory over at DigiDrawn, so it was a great feeling to complete this.

This is my 1906 candlestick phone from my studio. I hope to do more antiques from my collection for a whole series of vintage digis.

Then as I mentioned the other day, I just had to draw some of the beautiful flowers I received for our anniversary. Here is the first one; a Gerbera Daisy.

I have some great macro shots so I can't wait to do more flower images soon.

For more information on how I created these cards, please come visit my DigiDrawn site!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Incredible Beauty

How lucky am I? Not only did hubby give me a dozen incredibly beautiful roses for our anniversary, the next day my parents sent us a wonderful bouquet of mixed flowers.

I loved getting some close up shots to share. Be sure to click on the photos to enjoy them in the largest resolution!

Incredible what Mother Nature creates... the colours and patterns are amazing, especially close up. I have already drawn one as a digi stamp - which I will show on a card in a day or so. I hope to do even more soon!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

33 Years? Holy Crap!

Can it be? How the heck did 33 years go by so fast? I can't believe hubby and I have been married that long - yep, way back in 1980 we tied the knot on June 7th; me at 19 and he 21... yikes!

We had a very low-key celebration this year; before we went out for dinner, he knew I'd love to pop into "The Village" that was near the restaurant to do some thrift shopping (I guess after more than 3 decades, a guy gets to know you...).

I found some cute treasures hidden amongst the shelves. The first was this adorable lil' donkey planter - click all the photos to biggify...

I always turn them over... Japan? Awesome! Into the cart he goes.

This bunny egg cup looks Japanese, but the bottom is rubbed clean. No problem, since they were only  $2.99 each, they both came home with me.

I always check the "baggies section" too... you know (if you shop "The Village", that is) - that aisle along the wall filled with sealed clear bags of miscellaneous small items....

I picked this up twice, nearly left it, but then Googled "Russian Nesting Dolls" and found that $3.99 was a great deal on this. But since it was sealed in a bag, I did take a chance on what (if anything) was inside her.

This was a good sign that it was probably authentic:

And when I got home, was pleased to find the whole family there together (the largest is always the "Mother", insider are two daughters and two sons):

Each one opens up!

"Matryoshka" sport various designs, colours and even numbers of dolls per set. But when I researched values of sets similar to these, they look like they could fetch around $25! I think I may add them to my Etsy store... ;)

After dinner we exchanged gifts and cards. Here's what I made for him. This was the first time I tried the Tim Holtz distress metallic paints. They are awesome! I also used Spellbinder dies, some screw headed brads, silver eyelets and a heart charm from my stash... no bows or flowers for a guy ;)

My next post I'll share photos of the beautiful red roses he gave me and the incredible mixed bouquet of flowers my parents sent us...

Happy weekend everyone!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Sunday Visitor

Whew what a weekend! Hubby and I spent the entire day doing some much-needed yard work; the rains finally ceased and we could enjoy the warm sunshine for a change. It was time to get lawns mowed and gardens weeded. After hours of work, we finally sat on the deck with beer (him) and lime cooler (me) in hand to enjoy the results of our labour.

Then out of the corner of my eye, I spotted some leaves dropping from a tall tree just past the deck. Even though the wind was blowing the branches to and fro, the only things dropping straight down were all coming from the same spot high in the tree.

Then I spied our visitor. At first, since he was so far up, we thought it was a bird - but no, this little furry red squirrel was having quite the snack on some tree seeds.

I ran into the house to get my camera. Unfortunately, the telephoto lens wasn't on it; but there was no way I would risk changing it with my muddy hands... so I simply snapped some shots with the 18-55mm lens on my Canon DSLR. It was so bright outside, I just aimed in his general direction and shot away; I couldn't see the viewfinder image well at all... and he was so high up, I couldn't confirm if I even had him in my sights.

I was pleasantly surprised when I downloaded the images on my laptop.

I thought for sure these would be blurry... because he was quite the acrobat; with his back feet firmly clamped around the thin branch, he held on easily even though the wind was whipping him back and forth like a carnival ride.

All the while, he calmly grabbed a bunch of tender leaves, found some seeds and let the sheaths and leaves fall to the ground.

Er, I THINK this is a "he"... but since I am not well versed at sexing rodents, I will let the photos speak for themselves...

He had no fear of me clicking away; he knew he was safe.

At least from me. Good thing the hawk we spotted earlier hadn't returned.

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