Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Easter Eggs

Easter may be over, but I wanted to post some of my "not so traditional" traditional eggs..."not so traditional" meaning they are Star Wars Easter eggs....but this is a tradition for me as I have been doing these for years and have done 26 so far. They are real chicken eggs, blown out so I can keep them (if my two cats will quit playing with them, that is!) Here are the two I painted this year:

To see the others I have done over the years, go here:

Crop Night Tomorrow

Thursday night daughter and I will be at our local scrapbook store for cropping again...the fifth week in a row. We seem to get a lot more done there, as the store lacks the distraction of two cats walking all over our pages and playing with our embellishments. While cropping at home, I can't count the number of times I've laid out a page, and Dakotah has decided that it's a great toy and messes it up, knocking down my Primas, brads and ribbon onto the floor. At Dalcrafts, it's great to be right in the store to match up papers and accessories perfectly.

We have all our tools and supplies packed ready to go each week, and on the way, pick up the most important items of all...2 Tim Horton's Ice the carmel ones out right now!

Here I go again...

Well, even though I already have a fairly new blog, I thought I would start one specifically for my right-sided brain artistic endeavours. From painting to sculpting, cross-stitch to scrapbooking, custom toys to egg decorating, I'll post it here.

But if you're not interested in that, go see what else I have been up to by checking out I'd Rather Be Blogging instead. There you'll find random rants on a variety of topics from my everyday life....I guess I'll call it my "left brain" blog.


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My Favorite Work

My third painting using my Wacom graphics tablet. A still life of fruit I had photographed.

Rose Digital Painting (my second attempt at using my new Wacom graphics tablet), done in 2008.

My Jack Sparrow pumpkin, carved into a foam pumpkin in 2006. Original drawing used for the design.

My first attempt at using my new Wacom graphics tablet. Of course I had to choose the furriest subject around...

Oil painting of Obi Wan Kenobi done in 2002. My friends at Lucasfilm call this my "Jesus Kenobi" portrait....

Wolf oil painting 24" X 36" on stretched canvas, 1995.

About Me

I am Maureen; mother of one, geek of computers, fan of science fiction, obsesser of Johnny Depp, lover of animals and keeper of the Zoo (consisting of three cats, one dog, five aquariums and a few plants that are surviving despite my best efforts to kill them off).

I live in the Great White North (Canada for those of you who have no idea who Bob and Doug MacKenzie are). But it's really not frozen all the time. I don't live in an igloo, I don't have a pet polar bear and I don't subsist on back bacon (well, at least not every day).

I've worked in healthcare for over 30 years, tinkering with computers, going on business trips and generally fooling my superiors into thinking that I actually know what the hell I am doing.

I love to draw, paint and sculpt. When I am not obsessing over the minutia of my blog, I can be found attempting to create something artistic.

That, or reading comics.

So there you have it.

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