Friday, July 28, 2006

2Peas Friday Blogger Challenge

Sofia asked:

What were you like in high school? How have you changed? How are you still the same?

Well, I think I am pretty much the same. My big love in school was Art. I LOVED Art class ... I think all the hobbies / crafts I do now are a reflection of that passion.
A charcoal drawing I did when I was about 13 or 14

My interest in computers started then too ... but back in the 70's, our school had one computer - no monitor, and it filled an entire room off the Physics Lab. The exam for the "computer" course I took was comprised of creating a fistfull of punch cards ... one hole out of place and the computer would spit it back out. If you programmed the cards right, a Snoopy calendar appeared slowly on the dot matrix printer, created with all 1's and 0's. And if you could master that, you passed!
What a long way I have come since then; now I am the computer specialist for the city's cardiac sciences program, not to mention most of my free time is spent either building websites, on the net or building / troubleshooting systems for family and friends. So I guess I have always been a geek, but had lots of friends in school and was Captain of the cheerleaders and Social Convenor on student council (yeah, I got to book the bands at dances!) - not really a typical "Revenge of the Nerds" geek. In fact, just yesterday a co-worker told me "you don't look like a computer geek" ... a response I get quite frequently and take as a compliment!


  1. I also wrote a program using punch cards. Heaven forbid if the cards got out-of-order. Yikes! My how the computer has grown!

  2. Your drawing is so awesome! WOW!

    LOL about the punch cards. Computers have come a loooong way since then.

  3. dear maureen..... love your drawing.. wow!
    e ribbon click here,

    is there a way you can go to a dollarama there in wpg and score some of these for me???
    I would pay you in cad dollars.. I have a cad chk acct... and you could send them to my moms house.. or drop off to my moms house.??
    What do you think??
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    If you could get me 2-3 packs of ea color.. I would be forever grateful!
    Let me know if you can do this.. and I will then send you my moms addr there in wpg.. where u cud drop off in her mailbox or mail to her.. she lives near Osborne Village.

    these are a great value...!!!!

    love bonnierose.. let me know!


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