Thursday, August 24, 2006

2Peas Thursday Bloggers Challenge

Sarah posted the following today at 2Peas:

Scrapbooking topic: How do you print your photos? What gives you the best results? Even had any really bad prints? Ever had a service lose your order/film?

Non-Scrapbooking Topic: Tell us what you are good at. What do you excell at? Do you enjoy it? How did you get good at it? Do other people know you are good at this thing?

Hmmm...okay, for the first question: I now print ALL my photos on my new Epson printer at home (which I got this past Christmas from hubby and daughter). It is wonderful! I can re-size and crop any of my digital photos and even add text right on them... then I print on white cardstock and I am all ready to crop! I used to use Walmart's Photo center. I think the money I've saved on developing has more than made up for the printer price... and it sure is less of a hassle to have the prints when I want them, instead of having to drive to the mall to pick them up. I also LOVE the way it lets me print beautiful LARGE photos...really dramatic!

Now for the second question: What am I good at. Well, I love to draw or do anything artistic. My dad taught me at a very early age how to paint. This blog is basically my venue to show what I have done, either in scrapbooking, painting, drawing, sculpting or in cross stitch. My artwork has also been on display in a few cities in the US when I spoke at conventions on sculpting.

I am also good with computers, which I basically am self-taught in. (More on that on my other blog, Stale Coffee). Do others know about this? I guess so...I get paid to provide computer support at two local hospitals.

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  1. I have an Epson photo printer too. LOVE the instant gratification. Yay for technology! ;-)


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