Monday, August 3, 2009

New Cutting Tool

The other day I was getting frustrated. I wanted to create a card with a see-through window in the middle of the front panel. However, my punches only allow me to cut a hole near the edge of a paper, so I ended up having to hand-cut (and badly, IMHO) a hole for the background image to peek through.

Then I came across this tool at Michael's... not in the scrapbooking section, where hole cutters can run nearly $ 37. I found this doohicky in the art section; for a mere $ 6. It has six spare blades (which are very sharp), and two pencil nibs for drawing instead of cutting, circles of various sizes.

So of course, I had to try it out:

And am most pleased with how it works! So let that be a lesson; you can find lots of things OUTSIDE the scrapbooking section too.


  1. That looks pretty handy. The card is really cute too!

  2. Wow! Maureen, I might have to get one of those. You sure have been busy lately!! Your new look is great!

  3. Thanks Heather! I was so surprised to find that little doohicky (gee, I have NO idea how to spell that) in the art section... I really love to do "windows" in cards and now I can!

    Marsha's Mpressions: Thank you! I am so glad I finally got off my butt and re-started this blog too... perhaps it will prompt me to do more artwork now!


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