Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Redecorated Craftroom

A few weeks ago I repainted daughter's old green and purple bedroom; since she moved to a larger room downstairs last winter, I set this one up as a scrapbook / craft / art space. Now it finally looks more like it. New shelves, painted accessories, baskets and desk organizers were also added.

I love working in there; with, of course, a cat or three to around to keep me company.

More images can be found over at 2Peas here in a slideshow format.


  1. Very nice place, Maureen! Of course, I love your printer's trays!

  2. Thank you Marsha... of course, that inspiration came from a great crafter we both know ;)

  3. Really nice! Looks like you could sit down and just jump right into a project! Great inspiration as I begin to create my own craft room.


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