Friday, July 13, 2012

Where This Blogger Creates

I've been waiting for today for a long time... after visiting and re-visiting (and yes, even re-re-visiting) all the beautiful blogs from last year's "Where Bloggers Create 2011", I have been anxiously awaiting 2012's Where Bloggers Create party so I can play along too!

Oh and what's a party without a special surprise? Details await you at the end of the post.

Be warned... there are a TON of images, but not a lot of text ;)  As always, click on them to biggify.

My basement refuge studio is mere 10' X 14' but is packed with old wood, tarnished silver, lovely lace and rusty goodness; some pieces dating back to the late 1800s. It's my favorite place to create with my furry companions to keep me company. Because the room has just a single small window, some of these pictures are on the dark side; however it is much brighter to work in than my camera reveals. I'll start today's tour with the main desk on the North wall and go clockwise around the studio:

View from the couch across the room

My main desk

Lots of room to spread out; my laptop resides here when I'm not creating

A closer look at my desktop:
I love to use a variety of old tarnished silver to store brushes, pencils, scissors...

My thrift-store bunny keeps me company!

An 1894 Diem and Wing order form -
the paper company inscribed on my 5 drawer cabinet under this watchmaker's cabinet

A peek inside my desktop cabinets that keep all my teenie embellies and supplies handy

Wooden sheep, brass and wood ruler and calipers,
Victorian clip, hook and card holder and some framed antique keys

Antique paper cutter dispenses paper towels to the left of the main desk

Shelves over desk store Copic refills, chalks, pastels and more crafting tools
An antique sad iron makes a great bookend!

Vintage art and office supplies - the Savabrush cleaner is from 1915

Bulletin boards with vintage postcards

1895 calendar

Stamps in vintage printers trays, mirror tray with silver,
china and antique door knobs

Old Kraft cheese box holds my ATC cards and sleeves just right

My sewing and stamping desk to the right of my main desk

Small ink pad storage with vintage toy Singer sewing machine on top

One of my favorites... an uber-cute antique copper and velvet squirrel pincushion

A vintage wooden cassette tape holder is perfect to store distress inks!
Old watch parts and antique keys in my Queen Elizabeth II teacup and saucer

Antique writing vignette - including my 1939 copy of "Gone With The Wind"
and an 1869 edition of "Typical Selections from English Authors"

Glitter and embossing powders in a variety of salt and pepper shakers

Glitter close up

My home-made cabinet with it's new facelift
(wood drawer fronts cover the clear plastic Sterlite drawers)

12 X 12 paper rack I got from an LSS that closed down

Antique Putz sheep, Victorian photo album, frame, jar and 2 old scales

My candlestick phone (circa 1908) and vintage game pieces

Breadbox open; a perfect place to store my handmade cards

Seating area across the room from the main desk

Clock and a shelf I made using Victorian cast iron brackets

Antique lantern, wedding tray and a silver tray used as a magnet board
Of course, the "Lady of the Studio" looks on

I found this sheep in the basement of a flower shop out of town
A cow and goat bell accompany him atop a wicker suitcase

West wall: well, I need some kind of entertainment whilst creating!
The authentic Union Jack flag is 75 years old

Coke case is perfect to display a few tiny knick knacks

Shelves and cutting station: My Cuttlebug and Cricket (and a few birdcages...)

Punches, flowers, lace and stamps in binders

Antique chocolate box with thrift store lace

Two of my birdcages with my recently-created bird picture

Birdcage from the UK, folding ruler, plant in old cookie jar

Scrabble tile magnets

Cards, plate, vintage figurines and flower frog

Plate inscribed on the back: "To Mrs Bell, Merry Xmas From Flossie 1905"

Vintage postcards in cast iron holder from 1880s

My Supervisor: Dakotah QC, ORT
(Quality Control and Official Ribbon Thief)
She hopes you have enjoyed your visit

Believe it or not, there are even MORE photos in this slideshow at Flickr. So if you're not too bored to tears tired, click below for the complete set of 80+ images. If you are using a browser that doesn't support Flash (iPad), or if you want to view them full screen with complete descriptions, click HERE to view them on Flickr:

I love to virtually "walk" through other's creative spaces, so I can't wait to visit all the other participants in this year's party! I hope you enjoyed your tour through mine.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the extremely talented and hard-working Karen over at My Desert Cottage. Thank you Karen! I am so grateful for allowing me to join the party for the very first time!

To express my sincere gratitude to all of you, I have put together a special GIFT package

including a silver tray, crocheted doily, three lace borders, four vintage Bingo cards, four small embellies (3 ribbon bows and a metal crown), two salt and pepper shakers (for your very own glitter!), a vintage piece of velvet with shell artwork (I removed from a frame for a recent project), the Scrabble tiles you see here, and

the two Queen Anne Fine Bone China teenie tiny cream and sugar! I can just imagine what little treasures these can hold for you in your own creative space. Of course this card made by myself will be in the package to you as well.

How can you win it? Well, if you would be so kind as to leave a comment and Follow Victorian Studio, your name will be in a random draw to be held Friday, August 31st, 2012. One lucky name will receive all the goodies above. Good luck!

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  1. I just CANT get over how fabulous your studio is!!!! Im mesmerized and thrilled! :D Fantastic!


  2. I can tell you right now that your studio is going to be one of my favorites. I love the richness of the color. Sooo pretty and that you showed us the drawers. I will have to come back when I have time to drool over each photo! You are one lucky lady!!

  3. What a lovely place to create. you have a few beautiful pieces of furniture here. So much goodies are displayed.
    I wish you a creative summer and I thank you very much for your visit.


  4. Hi Maureen,
    Thanks for stopping by my place today so that I could find you. I love your studio and everything is so organized and pretty. Just lovely.


  5. Hay Mareen,

    Ohhh...what a very nice studio!
    And so organized and the colors are so rich and beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing with us...!

    Please take a look into my world if you like..

    Love from Marijke

  6. Well, I will follow....thanks for sharing you studio space....I love all of your are so organized....! that vintage sewing machine and telephone would be lovely in my home too!

    stop by to visit my space if you wish.

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  7. I. Want. Your. Studio. It's fantastic!!! What an awesome space to create!!!!! And pick me pick me pick me for your drawing!!! Already following you!

  8. Maureen, your space is delightful! And what a great idea to have gifts! I am new to this entire blog process and am still trying to figure it all out, but am continually inspired and impressed! Thank you for sharing.
    ~ Terri

  9. I love your space! So warm, inviting and SUPER organized. Thanks for all of the beautiful pics and tour. Lovely, just lovely!

  10. Hi Maureen,
    What a fabulous creative space. I simply love it and am so inspired by your organization and use of your vintage items among your work space. I can see hours of great fun in a wonderful room as this. Loved seeing your sweet fur baby among your pretties to keep you company. I so miss my girl.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. You touched my heart. I would love to enter your giveaway and also I am now a happy follower.
    Enjoy the party and happy creating.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  11. O M G ! I love the way you have all your things orgaized so creatively. My Dad had one of those old "clip" stamp holder. Didin't find it when we cleaned out the farm, don't know where it went...or did you grab it?! LOL
    Gorgeous room!

  12. Oh so much fun - nooks and shelves and crannies oh my! Loved seeing your space and how much stuff you have! Thanks for sharing~

  13. What a wonderful room! I do believe I could get lost wondering around there. Love everything you have displayed. Making me re-think how I can use things. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! Have fun partying!

  14. Love all the wood cubbies and drawers.....looks great and all the glitter organization too.

  15. Oh my... your space is just wonderful!!! I love all of it!! I am your newest follower..I so want a chance to win your yummy give-a-way!! Come see my art studio.

  16. Wow! What a great space - I love all the wouderfull materials you have and it´sso lovely colourfull and organized!Thank you for stopping by and your lovely and kind comment.Yes I´ll follow, because such a creativ blogger has to be followed.

  17. Your studio is just wonderful. I love all the antiques and the decor. You've been so clever with the way you both store and display your supplies. I just had to pin your pic of the glitter in the salt shakers - brilliant! Laura

  18. I adore your studio Maureen! It's absolutely gorgeous and your post itself was so nicely done.

  19. I LOVE EVERYTHING thing about your space. It is warm, inviting and totally inspirational.. Gosh, if I came to your studio in person, i'm not so sure i'd ever want to leave :)
    Thanks for sharing :)
    Oh, and I'm definetly a new follower.

    take care,

  20. I came over from Katherine's (your first comment) and I just love to see your beautiful space! I was ooohing and aaahhing out loud when i saw you shakers of glitter! They are gorgeous! I'm a new follower! I hope you'll visit me, too!

  21. Maureen what a fun romp I'd have in here. What a play station. Oh this is a great spot to work. Love it. Every square inch is put to work. *smiles* Norma

  22. WOW..I'm definitely going to come back and spend some time in your studio...Lots of ideas for much needed "stamping" storage..It's so neat and organized..Lovely space..It must be nice to have your own "space"..Love it...BTW..Thanks for your visit..

  23. Hi Maureen
    You do have some absolutely wonderful treasures to inspire you here! A beautiful studio and so well planned!
    Love all of your tarnished silver too.
    Thanks for visiting me so that I could meet you here.

  24. I just knew with a name 'Victorian Studio' I was in for a treat. You do not disapoint. What lovely lovely treasures you have amassed and used. I love that glitter cabinet with all the glass bottles. Pure Magic.
    Thanks so much for sharing and popping by with a kind comment.
    Keep smiling and creating

  25. I adore your armoire filled with magical glitter.
    This is a huge studio from what I can gather
    from all the photos and views . I love it.
    Pat Beglin

  26. Love all the pictures...(like pictures more than text)...I need to know how you made the contraption to hold all your tell!
    Enjoyable site!!
    Kelly ~The Greeley Girls~

  27. Hi Maureen, Well, I'd be leaving a comment and following whether there was a prize or not! Your blog is beautiful and your studio is stupendous! And you are SO organized on top of it all! I especially like the squirrel pin cushion, the lion head, and all those bottles of glitter. fun! And Captain Jack is there for company too! How cool is that! Your furry studio friends are beautiful. They make everything better!
    Thank you for visiting my studio today.

  28. Wow...the ribbons...the tins...the drawers...the glitter!!! Love all the color and the rich wood. Thank you for sharing. I'll be a new follower. Thank you for sharing. ; )

  29. So many beautiful things! I love old the antiques and vintage collections in your studio. My fave is the typewriter!

  30. Maureen, your studio is just WONDERFUL!!! You've surrounded yourself with so many amazing and inspiring old things, I LOVE IT ALL! I love your ribbon and how you've hung it, I so need to do that in my studio ~ thank you for sharing so many photos :) xxoo, Dawn

  31. Hey Maureen, thank you to visit my blog and for your lovely comment.
    Of course I also bring a visit to your beautiful studio.
    I absolutely love the cabinets with small drawers at your desk, wow, they are beautiful!
    And your salt shakers with the glitter, I'm looking for old jars of salt because this is stunning.
    I enjoyed your beautiful studio and blog and will certainly follow,
    love from Belgium,

  32. Like so many others, I am in LOVE with your glitter display!! I'm so very impressed with how ORGANIZED you are....and wow, you have a lot of toys to play with! The graphics and header on your blog are so beautifully done, too--dark, rich, gorgeous!
    Glad you stopped by my space and left a comment so I could find my way back here!


  33. Hi there,

    I can't get over how marvelous all of your ribbons look.... So bright, so perfect, do handy!

    Have a great day!

    Ciao Bella
    Sensible Sarah


  35. WOW, what a wonderful, vibrant space!!!! Just LOVE it, it's so colorful and must just get your creative juices flowing.

    However, I do believe Dakotah is my favorite. I also have some supervisors...several are certified FP (fabric pressers) and one is QC. Come check them out!

    Thanks for the tour!

    Soggy Bottoms Baby Duds blog

  36. Maureen your studio is FABulous! I love your desk and so many of your goodies right there for you. If I didn't have the windows in front of mine that is how I would have my work area set front of me. Of course who wouldn't love yoru glitter display! So pretty and colorful and the watchmakers cabinet is wonderful! I could go on and on about all the goodies I saw and loved. Yours is a basement I wouldn't mind staying in! Thanks for stopping by my little studio and I'm so happy to have met you and take a tour of your beautiful creative space!

  37. Dearest Maureen, thank you for stopping by the shop. Glad you enjoyed Love's dressing room tour. ;)
    I am in awe of your retreat, and I think retreat is perfect. Talk about a dreamy getaway. Your details are spectacular and your collection of supplies is definitely mature. I'm pretty much a baby compared to what I've seen across blogland. Your stamps...WOW, and shakers, WOW again. ;)
    Thank you for sharing with us. Now I must go through one more time because the first time always makes my eyes so giddy they jump all over the place. ;)

  38. Thank you for your gracious giveaway. Following and best wishes to all.
    XOXO's your way,

  39. I came back for another look and realized those final items are for a most generous giveaway!!!!
    My fingers are crossed Maureen...and yes, I am a follower!

  40. Lovely studio, Maureen! Just your desk area alone is a feast for the eyes. How wonderful to have everything right there in easy reach. Love your salt and pepper glitter. That's a great idea! The breadbox holding your cards is also a great idea. Very unique and great repurpose. Thanks so much for sharing your tour!

  41. Wow, Maureen, your space is amazing! You obviously spend a great deal of time crafting and have many supplies displayed in a beautiful way. Very, very nice!
    xo Beth

  42. simply charming, maureen! i just love the powders and glitter in the salt and pepper jars, the stamps in the printers trays and the wood on the plastic drawer! tfs with us:)

  43. Oh my goodness I love it I really really do!! What an amazing space you have!!! Love all the different things you have used to store your pretties! I have been collecting shakers for my glitters- do your embossing powders do ok in the shakers- I was wondering if they might clump due to the holes.

    I'll definitely be back- just became a happy follower of your blog!

    bee blessed

  44. Wow...what neat step back into a beautiful place you have created. Even tho my own decorating space does not show it..i do love vintage and victorian and many rooms in my home reflect this!
    I would so love to be entered into you gracious giveaway...and would love to follow you as well!
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my creative space too.
    Be blessed,

  45. Wow! You have an amazing collection of crafting supplies. Nice of Johnny Depp to show up on the screen when you took the photo! I love the sheep!!

  46. What a lovely space! Love all your vintage and antique cabinetry, so beautiful!

    Thank you for the tour!

  47. The more studios I see here the better they get and all of them are fantastic. My fav in yours has to be the little sewing machine and of course the tiny bottles of glitter. So much to see and so little time. But you have organized so well for all of us to see.... Thanks


  48. Gorgeous studio! I love the watch makers cabinet. So much to see I am off for a second tour, loved it that much! Thanks for sharing.

  49. WoW what a neat space. Very nice must be fun to be in.
    Cases are so nice. Laura

  50. oh my..where to begin? i just ADORE your "handmade" cabinet! wow...great idea! and I've never seen so many bottles of glitter and powder! love the way you store all of your stamps in those printers trays. so well-organized!! i enjoyed my visit here. Merci! ;0

  51. Your crafting studio is just amazing!! Each time I looked through the photos, I saw something new! It's a wonderful space!


  52. Maureen ~

    I LOVE your glitter storage ~ that nothing exactly matches ~ fantastic!! And your fanciful room must be so inspirational to you...

    Thank you for stopping by my 'Nest ~


  53. refills, chalks, pastels OH MY!!!SO many wonderful goodies! I absolutely love the salt and pepper shakers for glitter and embossing powder!

  54. Your studio is gorgeous! I love the red wall! I started to swoon when I saw all the salt and pepper shakers filled with such beautiful colors of glitter & powders! I also liked the plate with the mice, it's so cute! Loved the tour! Thanks for visiting me!


  55. What a wonderful studio - love all the old storage chests, bins, etc. And the salt and pepper shakers with glitter and embossing - soooo pretty to look at! and the scrabble tiles - fun! I could play in your room for hours : )

  56. Oh my goodness ..... your antiques are just beautiful. All that wood is just lovely, I love all the little shelves for storage... and the silver trays..really all very pretty. Thank you for sharing. Best Wishes, Bobbie

  57. First I must say thank you for visiting me and leaving me a comment. I am delighted to find your blog. I love the header and design! Your workspace is wonderful and I really lke that it is a functional space that you actually work in. Al the great ways you have found to display things up on the wall. My favorite photo was that of the paper cutter. I have long wanted one those and your use for dispensing paper towels with it is great! I have throughly enjoyed my visit with you and would love to win your giveaway!

  58. Hi,
    Oh my goodness - your studio is just magical and so well organized.
    I love the way you have organized your supplies in charming old Victorian pieces.
    Thank you for sharing.


  59. Thanks Maureen! I loved seeing your space too. You have done a great job of keeping so many supplies well organized, and I LOVE the squirrel pincushion! I'm following you on Pinterest now too.

  60. Your studio is beautiful with so many pretty treasures! The salt shakers filled with glitters might be my personal favorite. I also like that Pirates of the Carribean is playing on the TV-such a fun movie!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

  61. Hello Maureen,
    Thank you for visiting. I just left your studio and I have to say that I was mesmerized by the glitter and embossing powder salt shaker display...I just love, love how they display on the black background. Please enter me into your giveaway and I've started following you. Take care.


  62. ohh my Goodness...where do I start! I can not get enough of your studio and did look at the slideshow so I could stare deeper into the pictures! Love every single detail which I could tell was meticulously planned out. Also appreciate your quality control and ribbon chasers...I too have one of those! I am your newest follower and would love to be added to your beautiful giveaway.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely studio

  63. Now of all the ones I've popped in today - yours beat hands down for me - I love love love you refuge (wink).. love the idea with salt and pepper shakers -- your style totally fits my dream style...

  64. I love how you have embraced a warm wooden theme for your craft space.I am sooo tired of pale furniture and decor. Of course your room inspires one to create with all of your vintage goodies, too!

  65. Dearest Beautiful Dakotah, your studio is most fabulous and incredibly organized! However, did you train your human to put everything in it's proper place?!? Two paws up - I know it probably wasn't easy but my whiskers it must certainly be worth it! I mean really, now you will always know where the ribbon is in an instant. Therefore lengthening your time with said ribbon! Ah the joy you must experience every single day! Purrhaps I could come over and play in your studio?!? No worries about "her"....I'd leave without "her" knowledge naturally. There was too much drooling over all the pictures and it seems that "she" grew faint upon gazing at the glitter cabinet as well as Flossie's plate. And really, I would so hate to have to put "her" in "her" place if "she" could not keep paws to self. Besides, "she" would probably get in my way as I gazed lovingly at Flossie's plate myself! Of course I could always just wait it out on the sofa. If you'd be so kind as to sit with me. Ah well, all this being said, bottom line is that you are a most magnificent, organized and talented feline! You do our kind great justice! Thank you from the bottom of my purring heart! Feel free to take a nap now, you earned it ;)



  66. Hello there! your studio looks like a big girl's playground and I'd love to come play! Have a wonderful creative day.

  67. I really like your stamp and ribbon storage. What great ideas. Your glitter and embossing cabinet is awesome. Love the use of the salt and pepper shakers. And Dakotah is adorable! Thanks for visiting my studio and your kind comments.

  68. Wow Maureen, what an incredible space - it's like a shop (that I'd like to visit !). I can't believe how many stamps you've got, and it's given me an idea, because I've just been given a printer's tray !

  69. Your studio is just perfect, so well organized. I know you find it very inspiring. I love your old sheep they are wonderful and all your old treasures you use for storage. Thanks for sharing. Kathy

  70. Oh.My.Goodness. That wall of salt shakers is just stunning. I love your collections and the way you display them. Over the top inspiration! Thank you for sharing.

  71. Wow!, you are so organized! I love your studio, where to begin? lol! The glass salt shakers are fantastic! Vintage treasures ~ stamps ~ ribbon ~ Oh my! Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed having a peek around your wonderful creative space ~ smiles

    ɱεɱσŗγ ɓσх ƈŗεąŧïσŋş

  72. This is AMAZING Maureen! Every inch is filled with everything I LOVE!

  73. Maureen
    Your studio is awesome, all the beautiful antiques. Everything is so well organised. Thank you for sharing and visiting and leaving a comment on my blog.

  74. I am in awe of your wonderful studio! It would be amazing enough with the array of supplies and organizational units you've filled so beautifully, but I absolutely fell in love with all your antiques and special touches...just adore the silver pieces, the clock parts and framed keys, all things about which I'm also passionate.

    And I did admire your silky supervisor. What is a creative space, after all, without the presence of a furry friend?

    I'm so glad you came by to visit. I am happily signing up to follow your wonderful blog...:)

  75. Your studio is amazing! So many things I love! The glitter bottles are so much fun. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my studio. I'll be following your blog next!

  76. Maureen, your studio is a feast for the eyes! Everything is displayed so beautifully and creatively; I especially love the stamps in the vintage printer trays, the glitter in the salt shakers, and your 'supervisor' Dakotah. She's gorgeous!


    Victoria from Brushstrokes

  77. What a lovely studio you have.
    I really enjoyed it.
    Thank you.

  78. And I have seen and enjoyed all your other photo's of yer studio.

    And your cats are so sweet.

    I will come back later.

  79. Oh my goodness, Maureen, your blog, your art, you are amazing! I could sit here and look at and read about you and your work all day! I would love to know more about how you set up your ribbon rack and how you covered the front of the plastic drawers. Your studio is stunning! I also own an antique metal iron. I was using it to hold open the door of my laundry room. My husband repainted the door and asked me not to use the iron anymore because it was making a mess of the door. I am now going to use it like you do, as a bookend. Thank you!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I encourage you to add the wine fridge. It is wonderful to write or craft with a cup of coffee or tea, but a glass of wine makes it downright blissful!

    I have truly been inspired by you. Thank you! I will be visiting your bloc often.


  80. Maureen...
    Thank you sooo much for stopping by my would have been a bit before I got around to viewing yours if you hadn't! And my goodness what I would have been missing! While we are somewhat polar opposites colorwise in our creative spaces, I adore what you've done...surrounding yourself with such beautiful treasures. You've made me rethink some of my "storage" usages...i.e. pulling in some of my silver collectables to join the depression glassware to hold tools etc. OH! Your idea of putting wood drawer fronts onto the plastic storage bins...GENIUS! How in blazes did you ever come up with that one??? I sat here in awe...completely gobsmacked! Well done darlin'!
    just me...sendin' SUPER snaps from down Texas way...jan

  81. Maureen...
    One more comment...WHERE IN BLAZES IS YOUR THRIFT STORE? ROFLOL I went scrolling through your past posts...sheesh! I wanna go treasure huntin' with YOU darlin'! Think I'll go check out the Goodwill shops in my area after my therapy session today...I doubt I'll get anything like what you manage to scrounge up though! Guess I'll just follow your exploits!
    just me...a tad green with envy...jan

  82. Thank you for visiting my little corner and for your kind comments. I love how you have repurposed some many things. I love the old bread box as a home for your cards. My room is so bare right now, but I am working on it and you have given me so many ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  83. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Yours is wonderful and your creative space is ahhhhh-mazing! I want to come over and play! Just love everything, especially that cute little sheep.
    Have a fantastic day.

  84. What a fabulous studio. I LOVE the little chest with all the drawers, and you have given me a new idea for ribbon storage. Now following you! Love, Linda

  85. Goodness Gracious! I can't beleive that I have not come across your blog before this! I too am a fellow lover of the Victorian Era and you have some wonderful pices and creations in your amazing studio!
    So much eye candy!! I need to come back and pour over all these gorgeous pics!! I would love to be entered in your giveaway and I would love if you would come to visit me at Debbie -Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas!!
    Best Wishes,

  86. May I come over and LIVE in your studio!??? It's just AMAZING!!! So MANY favorite things...WOW !!!! Love the old treasures! How nice to have a couch in your room! Love to stamp and was so excited to see yours!!
    I'll be over this weekend. LOL!!
    Thank you for visitng me!
    Thank you for having a giveaway! Very nice goodies to giveaway.
    I'm following you...
    Deb :)

  87. Oh WOW I love your studio, Could have spent hours browsing here, Thanks for sharing and for the Yummy Candy. Now a Follower keeping her fingers crossed, Love Hazelxox

  88. Fabulous tour... fabulous findings! MIxed glass bottles holding glitter and gems... Victorian cards... let's just say lots of eye candy! and that includes Johnny Dep on the television!! LOL thanks for the tour and thanks for dropping by my seeing my space. So sweet and appreciated!

  89. Wow, what a fabulous space! You're so organized! I love this! You have such great ideas. I love the ribbon, stamps and glitter in shakers! So pretty and fun to have such a special space!

  90. Oh my gosh I just love your space. Looks like we can have a lot of fun. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet comments. I think I found the scissors at Hobby Lobby.

  91. I love the comnation of old and new in your studio! I am very tempted to bring out my vintage typewriter and set it up with fave things for a nice display.... Hugs! Cindy :)

  92. So much color, I love it. You have so much to create with.

  93. Absolutely stunning Maureen. There is so much to see and I will be back to take it all in again.

  94. What a beautiful studio! It's like an antique shop.

  95. Completely stunning! What a fun place to create. I love that ribbon collection/display. Of course the glitter is amazing! It's so fun to make all your supplies part of the art and decor. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful studio. Happy blogging, and happy creating.

  96. Definitely one of my favorite studios...your organizational skills are amazing!!! I love the stamp display...and the display of glitter made me drool!
    Thank you so much for this great photos...I'll return to them often for inspiration!
    Thanks for the giveaway chance too.

  97. I love your studio! And I am VERY jealous of all your stamps.
    Thank you for showing me around, I really enjoyed it.

    Natacha (from Luxembourg)

  98. I fell off the couch looking at your space! All I can say is wowza!!! I love how you put everything together and I love the slideshow! Come see you if you want, enjoy your little slice of heaven!~cindy

  99. Truly one of the BEST of all the studios I've seen! Just beautiful!


  100. Wow, What a lovely tour. I absolutely love your space filed with so many vintage goodies. That pin cushion is fab as are all those salt and pepper glitter holders. I just love all the warm colours and textures throughout your studio. thank you so much for the tour, i look forward to following your blog. Have a wonderful day. Angela

  101. You win girlfriend!!! Your creative space is an absolute haven. I have stopped and examined every photo-- I am in total awe. I don't know what I love most--- but those salt shakers full of glitter are at the top of the list. I could stay here for hours-- for days-- forever!!! Are you lucky or what!!!! Such a wonderful place-- so good for your soul to be here!!

  102. What a wonderful creative space filled with rich beauty! I especially adore your glitter collection, magical!
    Thanks for visiting me too!

  103. Your studio is fantastic! (Ribbon thief - that is great!) Your use of the coke and printer's trays are great.... I do not even want to think about the ones I passed up! I am a new follower and love your studio.... it would be fun to come and play!

    Take care and I cannot wait to see more of your cards! (The ones I saw here are adorable!)


  104. Oh you and I would get along great. I love your organization and I love the dark. Seems like everyone is painting up their studios in shabby whites including me, but keeping your oaks and dark woods with the dark colors is truly Victorian and I love it! don't change a thing. I am a new follower here.

  105. WOW..WOW...WOW....your have an awesome space and soooooooooooo many thing. Loved every picture!! Susan

  106. Your creative space looks awesome! I love all the Vintage goodies and I TOO am a Basement dweller in this old house!

    Love the old typewriter,,,,,I have my mom's in my studio! So many lovely things here, you've done it so well!

    Love seeing that you're a junker too! Woman after my own heart in many ways!Thanks for Sharing, I have a little Giveaway too on my blog for the Event, pop over if you get a chance and say hi!


  107. Your studio is to die for. I think it is the most well organized I have ever seen. I love all the work spaces and little surprises tucked away. Thank you for sharing with us.
    I am a new follower. Ginger

  108. Hello dear Maureen! I am so grateful to Karen for hosting the WBC party because it enables me to meet lovely creative souls like you! Your space in an incredible blending of elegance and comfort, old and new, color and neutrals, and the most delightful assortment of rich textures, all combined into an amazing work of art!! I can't say enough about your vintage salt and pepper shaker storage, your rich wood cubbies, your gorgeous silver pieces, and your wonderful array of vintage/antique goodies! To top it all off, your artwork is simply delightful!! Oh, and a couch and TV in your space - genius! I'd never leave...

    Thank you for your visit to my space and for your kind words! I am following you now and look forward with great anticipation to see what creative endeavors you undertake next...!!

    Hugs & Blessings,

  109. So much to look at and so well organized. What a wonderful space full of treasures to inspire you while creating. I love the ribbons!

  110. What an amazing space. I don't know what i love the most, the glass shakers are beautiful, the ribbons, and all the stamps! Wow - Thanks for sharing!

  111. ~~~~~SWOON~~~~~~ Love love love your space! The glitter cupboard is delicious! If you ever invite me over,I certainly would not want to leave. Thanks for sharing your very special creative getaway!


  112. Oh my goodness!!
    Can I move in?!?!
    So much loveliness ~ so many goodies to play with ~ your space is absolutely wonderful! How on earth do you ever get any work done?!
    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful space with us ~

  113. I am finally getting to the end of the list and here is your amazing studio! I live in Minnesota and love the Mall of America, how fun to that you went antiquing here. I enjoyed your detailed photos of your room and you sure have some gorgeous things in it. I love that you can be comfortable anywhere in your space. I do Magnolia cards also, I am so addicted to them, great to see your space!
    Hugs Kelly

  114. Maureen,

    First of all, great name (cause it is mine as well!). I am speechless, which NEVER happens to me. You studio is so amazing I don't even know what to say. I loved everything and as soon as I finish my comment I am off to watch the flickr photos. I am sure I will be back to this post frequently and of course I am signing up as a follower so I can keep up to date from now on.

    How kind of you to offer such a lovely prize, I would be thrilled to win, but frankly I feel like a winner having found your blog! There are a handful of blogs that I have seen on this tour that have literally called to my soul, and yours is certainly right up there!

    Thank you so much for sharing your space and your ideas and creations with us all. I found so much inspiration and happiness here, I can't thank you enough.

    Guess I found some words after all, lol. . .

    Have a wonderful day,

  115. Oh Maureen, your studio is sooo fabulous!! I think it's cool when a studio totally lives up to my expectations! It look just like I thought a studio that you created would look! It's warm and inviting and creative and full of lovely things. Thank you so much for sharing with all my guests!!!!

  116. What a lovely studio, all the dark wood is beautiful. Dakota looks to be an excellent supervisor, in the perfect spot to watch you. Thank you for allowing us to visit.


Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know you were by. I appreciate and read with delight each and every comment!

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