Thursday, January 11, 2007

Excited doesn't even come close to describing it...

In September, 1994, a dream of mine came true. Jesus Christ Superstar had come to town and I had tickets to see, in person, the two stars of the movie I adored since I was a teenager. Ted Neeley and Carl Anderson gave hubby and I goosebumps as we sat in that darkened concert hall, mesmerized by all the talent before us. After the show I couldn't believe my luck in being able to meet the two stars and getting their autographs and a couple of hugs. Ted was a real sweetheart and spoke to me for a long time, even missing his ride back to his hotel room (it was after 1 am) to talk about the show with me. I was literally in heaven that night.

Fast forward to today. I couldn't believe my luck to get two FREE tickets to the "Farewell Tour" of Jesus Christ Superstar next week. This time, I am taking daughter, who was only two when they last came to town. Unfortunately, dear Carl passed on a few years ago, but it will be amazing, I know, to see Ted Neeley once more. I fell in love with this man years ago on the big screen, and even though he is over sixty now, and I am nearing 50, I feel like a teenager again.

Thank you D. You don't know how thrilled you have made us.

Scrabook pages from the 1994 show I re-did tonight ... tickets (that hinge up to reveal journalling on the other side) and newspaper clippings on a white and gold page.

Ted and Carl's autographs on my program in 1994. I couldn't believe my luck in finding the stamp below that perfectly matches the JCS logo! I used it to stamp (in gold) the background sheets of gold-bordered paper.

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