Monday, January 1, 2007

Trying a brand new hobby

At Halloween, I made a Pirates of the Caribbean pumpkin and entered it in an online contest at and was thrilled to learn I had won first prize! Well, just before Christmas, my prize arrived in the mail; a Jolly Roger model ship kit. I have never in my life put a model together before, so while I'm on vacation, I've been trying my hand at it.After a few days and 115 parts assembled so far, here's the two decks. The next step is the actual painting and assembly of the hull, attaching to the decks....step 4 of 16!!! Yikes! I can't imagine how the heck I'm going to rig this thing; but it sure is a lot of fun. I'm distressing / painting the parts as I go, and I think I'll give it a spray of dullcoat at the end to take the paint / glue shine off. Yeah, note the glass of wine; I have been getting so obsessed into this project, I even worked on it on New Year's Eve (while watching Dead Man's Chest, no less).


  1. That's cool. I would not have the patience for all those little itty bitty parts.

  2. That is way cool! You have more patience than I do. :) Have you posted a picture of that winning pumpkin?


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