Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Best Things

Tilda's Kittens have a new home!

Here is the card I made for my firstest-ever Tilda stamp. I used the following Copics to colour her in:

Skin: E00, E11, R20
Hair: YR21, E35, E29, D37, W3
Dress: B60, B63, B66
Socks: G82, G85
Cats: W1, W3, W5, W7, R20
Cardboard box: E51, E55, E57

Paper is Blue Heart Buds, by Art Impressions.

I popped her up with dimensionals, restamped the kitten image for the second cat, and added clear gloss to the tape on the box too.

I cut the back off a small white plastic button and wrapped DMC floss #967 cross-stitch thread around it, gluing the back to hold it in place.

The hardest part about making this card?

Keeping my REAL cats from playing with the teenie-tiny ball of yarn.


  1. Your card is adorable. Love your box with your kitten and sign. Great coloring job. Myrna

  2. She is just adorable, with the kittens and the ball of yarn! Beautiful coloring and perfect setting! You've done a truly wonderful job...hugs...Barb

  3. What a sweet card! I love the flower on the blue ribbon =)

  4. Awe...Maureen, it's such a super cute card. The yarn ball, the senitment, Tilda's coloring...everything goes do well and lovely!!!

  5. Oh how cute love the little kitten in the box! Tilda is colored beautifully! Awesome job!

  6. Thank you Akuperstein! "Original" is EXACTLY what I want to be; I have decided my "style" will be stamped images over my own hand-drawn backgrounds. Well, that may not be original in itself, but at least my drawings will be...

    Hikers: Thank you! I had no idea when I coloured Tilda how the heck I would make the card; it just evolved.

    Barb: Thanks so much! You are too kind; you all are such fanatastic and talented vetrans, I feel so honored to have the feedback. Hugs backatcha.

    Lindsy: Thank you! The flower is just one of those Michael's roses that come in a pack of all different colours. I almost coloured it with my Copics to match the ribbon, but I am glad now I kept it white.

    Cabio, thank you! I really appreciate all the wonderful comments; it has really made my day!

    Thanks Nancy! I almost hand-drew the other kitten, because I was worried it might look weird to have the same one there twice. But I think by colouring it slightly darker, it looked different enough. I was surprised how well the paws ended up being perfect to hang over the edge of the box. So I will admit it; I mostly do things by fluke ;)

  7. Tilda is just so cute with her kitties! Great job coloring and putting the card "together"
    Kathy Gerace

  8. Oh my gosh, this is my kind of card! I adore cards that tell a story!! Beautifully colored and just love the entire thing! Fantastic!!!!

  9. Your card is Super Cute! Great job in colouring Tilda too!

  10. How cute. What a great idea - how you did the ball. Cats sure can be a pain sometimes. I have two that love to get into things.

  11. Cute, cute, cuteL! Love your scene and your coloring is gorgeous! Cami

  12. What an adorable card! I love the little box with the kittens, that is so clever. Great job!
    Hugs, Christine

  13. Hi Maureen,
    Your card is a amazing. Very creative. How clever of you. the colouring is awesome too. My hubby loves this one.

  14. You are so talented! I would never think to use so many different shades of a color, but the result is fantastic! I also love the little details like the glaze on the packing tape and the way you did the button/yarn. SO cute!

  15. the kittens for sale in the box and really LOVE the ball of yard. What a cute scene you have created!
    Hugs, Candy

  16. wow Maureen,your card is gorgoeus!!!
    I love it!

  17. This is adorable! Love the ball of yarn!


  18. This is just so cute. Love the way you have used the cat in the box. Great card. Hugs Shelley

  19. Very cute! Love your box with free kittens. Great idea! Very nice card.

  20. I love the card - reat job on the little ball of yarn!

  21. Thank you Kathy! I am glad the second kitty worked out...

    :) Sharon! Thanks so much! I am so glad you like it.

    Thanks Gloria! I am having fun colouring like a little kid again.

    Haha Peggie, too true. My three cats LOVE to "help" in the craft room. Sometimes I have to give them their own piece of ribbon to distract them...

    Thank you Cami!

    Aw, thanks Christine!

    Ha! Marion! I think that's the first time I've been told that someone's husband liked my work! That is too cute, thank you!

    Oh thank you Heather! That is the magic of Copic markers. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Oh yeah.

    Thanks Candy! I am glad I found a round button to use to wrap the "wool" around. Otherwise, I can just see me trying to start a ball with the thread and getting it all a tangled mess...

    Aw, thank you Vivi!

    Lauren, thanks! My cats loved it too! Ha!

    Thanks Shelley! At first I had just planned on using the kitten's head, but then the paws looked okay to hang over the edge. Another lucky break for me. ;)

    Thank you PBrown!

    Thanks Karen! I had to make sure I keep the card up out of the cat's reach now. I can just see them tearing that ball off it one day ...


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