Saturday, May 12, 2012

Good Hunting

This week was a good week. Not only did I score that beautiful stapler for next to nothing when I got those three sewing table drawers (see the post below if you haven't read about THAT), I found some great items at both Goodwill and antique stores recently (click to biggify as always):

I scored the following from Goodwill:  a dark wicker basket, the silver coffee pot I'm going to store my paintbrushes in, a nicely aged silver sugar bowl, a round-covered silver bowl, a set of crystal salt and pepper shakers, playing cards to use in crafts, an old metal hour glass minute timer, the silver pedestal tray and that vintage Scrabble set I found for $2 which is in perfect condition. The box is pristine; and inside I found out that it is the 1953 copyright version. I bought it for the tiles, but since I already have 200, I think I will keep this set complete. I also found the cream and sugar bowl set from the Titanic exhibition... they were 99 cents each; a far cry from the $20 I paid for my set last year at the show!

Here's a closer look at the left side of my stash. Items seen here from an antique store include that Victorian brass door knob, 10 vintage post cards and a set of great old keys. I also got that 1925 children's book that I won't feel bad about tearing up and using in projects; it already has a few torn pages inside.

Also from the local antique store - the guts of an old clock. I got it super cheap as I just want the gears for a project or two...

Yep, it was a great week... now I can hardly wait to start using and displaying some of these new treasures!


  1. Awesome finds girl! Happy Mother's day! :)


  2. I hope you had a great Mother's Day too Kasia, thank you!


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