Monday, May 21, 2012

Mother's Day Gifts

After nearly 32 years of marriage, when hubby now asks me "what do you want for .... {insert every gift-giving occasion here} ?" I never, ever respond with "oh anything" or "I don't need anything" anymore.

Instead, I now make sure to suggest a variety of specific items for him to choose from - that way I still am surprised at his choice and he is delighted with the his greatly-shortened shopping excursions, secure in the knowledge he is getting me something I can really use or want.

It's a win - win.

This past Mother's Day is a fine example. When he again asked what I wanted, I suggested he visit my favorite antique dealer who had a variety of items on my wish list for my studio.

I was so pleased he chose to purchase a map of our fair city dated 1884 that I had been eying for some time now -- a wonderful addition to my Victorian Studio that only requires a great frame to finish it off:

In with said map was a gift certificate so I could have the pleasure of picking out another antique treasure!  So last week I went on my own shopping trip and added this little beauty to my room:

The small cast iron antique toy Singer sewing machine has found a home with my antique pin cushion and glass headed pins. I LOVE it!

It was a win-win alright.

Oh and of course Daughter surprised me with some awesome Tim Holtz goodies to actually CREATE in my studio; his first book along with some great TH supplies to play with.

Am I lucky or what? Yep, I sure am.

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  1. Wow! You might've made it easier for him, but I'd say your end of the win-win was greater :). What an awesome map! And the sweet sewing machine is something you'll love forever. You'll have to add a picture of your studio when the map is framed. Thanks for stopping by...I'll be wishing a screened in porch for you. ~Zuni

  2. Love that little sewing machine. I have a toy one also, but yours is way cuter!! I can't believe he actually went into the antique store alone!!

  3. Just love your little toy sewing machine and map! Thanks so much for sharing them at the Knick of Time Tuesday Vintage Style Party this week. I'll be featuring you next week and there will be an "I Was Featured" button waiting at the party for you!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  4. Oh yes, Zuni, I definitely won! I will post when I find just the perfect frame... I want a rather ornate one that will look Victorian. The map is a weird size though; hopefully I can find something to do it justice!

    Thanks Ceekay! Yes, it is in such great condition; and yes, hubby likes the antique store too! The fellow who runs it has known us both for over 20 years...

    Oh Angie! I am so excited!!! I was so glad to finally get up the nerve to join your Party - and now to get one of your buttons... well, that's awesome! Thank YOU!


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