Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Heavy Metal

Black and silver... seems I had a run of it last week. Whilst at Value Village I spotted a few items that went immediately into my cart: the large silver-plate tray and two silver candlesticks.

The oval piece in the photo below was won on eBay. It's a vintage mirror that had some damage to the back silvering - not the glass itself, so I painted it to create a great Victorian-look chalkboard.

I used chalkboard paint on the large silver tray too since it is silver-plate over copper, so it's not magnetic -- just as well as I already have a silver tray I use for a magnet board.

The copper base also makes this sucker HEAVY. It weighs in at an impressive 13 lbs on my bathroom scale!

Speaking of heavy, these old silver candlesticks are hefty too. I love the intricate scroll work.

The detail on the tray is impressive too... just beautiful workmanship. I even like the way the design came through the chalkboard paint...

Here's a closeup of that oval mirror. I adore the crown at the top; just perfect for my Victorian Studio to be sure!

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  1. I love all your silver treasures. The chalkboard is such a good idea and it gives it so much character with the design showing through.

  2. Those are just amazing!!! Dont you love the thrill of the hunt in a good junk shop? Going and getting that perfect thing before anyone else is fantastic! >:D


  3. You are very skilled at junking! Love the chalkboard paint idea too. Are you going to really use it as a chalkboard?

  4. LOVE the idea of chalkboard paint on the silver tray!!
    Great idea!!

    The other pieces are stunning too!!

    Have a great weekend!!


  5. Hmmmm. Wrote a nice comment and got an error. Romeo says there might be a problem with mice in the computer. The other option is operator error. I think I'll ignore him and just try again. However, he would like to tell Dakotah, "mew, meow, meeeeooooowww, mewmewmeow!" Sorry not a clue what he just said, maybe Dakotah knows.

    Silver is a favorite here too! Love how the tray turned out with the design work showing through! The combination of everything you found is purrfect! I bet it looks great in your "Victorian Studio".

    Hope you have a great week!

    Hugs and Purrs,

    "Her" and Romeo

  6. Thank you everyone. Yes, I am using it as a chalkboard! I need reminders for everything, so I definitely need it!

    Sorry to read you had some trouble commenting Romeo; I am glad you tried again as I adore your comments and have passed them on to Dakotah! ;) You and Her always make me smile!


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