Saturday, November 10, 2012

About 1.5 Cents Each

When I go thrift shopping....

Man do I ever mean THRIFT.

While at Value Village this week, I picked up a few things so I could use my 30% off everything stamp card.

But the best deal was the cheapest item in my basket:

Yep, I found a bag of handkerchiefs for 99 cents. At first glance I was going to pass on it since it seemed to have mostly brightly-coloured hankies; not the style I was really looking for to use in my Victorian Studio. I wanted some older, lacier ones. But when I looked closer, I spotted a few that might do, so I "splurged" and decided to take a chance on the bag.

When I got home, I tore it open to find these. Not really my cup of tea...

And these... getting there, the embroidery is really nice on some...

Then these... better! Some nice lace and delicate flowers...

Ooh! Now we're talking! Lookit the beautiful edge....

Bingo! Lace galore!

And even MORE!

Do you think it was Fate that brought me to pick up this bag of beauties? Well, take a look at the three monogrammed ones that I found in the bag and let me know what you believe:

In all.... 43 handkerchiefs! And with 30% off, that comes to around a ridiculous 1.5 CENTS per hankie!

Yep, I have to say, this was just MEANT to be...

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  1. OMG...just.. OMG... Those are, girl, there is some thrifting GOD watching over you!!!! I love the round one with blue lace flowers the most. :)


  2. Oh my ~ what great little treasures. I LOVE Value Village ~ the hankies are just beautiful. Love the Lacey ones and he monogrammed M is PERFECT

  3. Another amazing find! And with the M too!!! That's like the time I watched the price on a large stained glass window (a peacock!) drop from $800 to $150 when I finally bought says 'Casa de Joanna'.

  4. So beautiful and so cheap!! I want them all! Kisses x x x x

  5. What a find! You could be nice and spare me one of the monogrammed ones since that is my initial, too. ~ Maureen

  6. Wow!!! What a haul! and all in such a small bag....and that board turned out wonderful. You really did a fantastic job on that!
    thanks so much for being my newest follower and for joining me for Pearls and Lace Thursday!
    I'm so excited you found me because now I've found you!

  7. wow~great score! you could make curtains, that's a lot of hankies


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