Monday, November 26, 2012

Bread Board / Chalk Board

I wanted to add a chalk board to my kitchen to quickly and easily jot down groceries we needed without searching for a pen and pad of paper. So I picked up this old bread board for $2.49 at Value Village and had plan...

I used Circa 1850 to remove the varnish and a layer of paint, then sanded it down. Even though some of the paint remained, I knew the chalk board paint would cover it so I didn't worry about removing it all.

Since I wanted to try my spray on chalk board paint, I masked off the parts of the board I wanted to keep natural.

Then I painted it using two coats of Rustoleum spray paint. What a quick project! It dried in 20 minutes, and after an hour I removed the tape, primed it with chalk and wiped it down.

A loop of rope through the top, plus some to hold a piece of chalk (with a bit of E6000 glue to hold it on the back) and I was done!

Easy peasy.


  1. Great idea! But why do you have to prime the paint with chalk?

  2. Ah, you should always drag a piece of chalk across a newly-painted chalkboard then wipe it with a dry cloth (I use a piece of felt) so that when you write on the surface, it rubs off easily.


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