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2014 Where Bloggers Create

Where Bloggers Create

Wow! I cannot believe this is my third straight year participating in Karen Valentine's (at "My Desert Cottage") "Where Bloggers Create" party. What a great way to drop by the studios of old friends, discover new bloggers, get inspiration and receive visitors from around the globe to my creative space. Huge appreciation goes out to Karen as always for the opportunity to participate.

This year I thought I would expand my tour just as I have expanded my creative ventures. No longer am I limiting myself to art in my Studio - I now find myself knitting in other rooms of our home too. Coincidentally, not only have I ventured outside my Studio; so have some of my vintage treasures that used to live in my small craft room.

Without really realizing it, my antique collecting focused on two distinct styles from the same time period: the late 1800's.

One is Victorian (natch): although Canadian, both sides of my ancestry date back to England and Ireland. British artifacts with the Union Jack, crowns, regal icons, English transferware and ornate silver adorn my Studio; featuring the more "civilized" side of the late 19th century with a touch of Steampunk thrown in for a touch of whimsy.

The second style I am drawn to is Rustic - from my vintage railroad treasures (I once worked on a circa 1882 steam locomotive) to chippy wood, rusted tools and antique farm implements. These are the items I have pulled from my over-crowded Studio and began displaying in other parts of our home.

I hope you enjoy the tour; if you've visited previously, there are a few differences from last year. Oh and click to biggify the images and feel free to Pin away if you so desire!

Part One:  Victorian Studio

View as you walk into my 8x10 Studio

Main workspace with lots of drawers to store tools and supplies

The wooden Lazy Susan is new (well new to me)
I use three glass flower frogs to hold pencils, scissors, tools - very handy!

Closeup of desktop - repurposing old silver as storage

This bunny has been front and center of my desk for years

A few creations, some hourglasses and Beswick bunnies
My Tim Holtz autograph is inspirational too!

Vintage products - love the graphics

RCA Victor sign and vintage Nipper salt & pepper shakers
(thanks to Maureen at "It's All Connected"
for an informative post about them, I knew what to look for.
Her grandfather designed these for RCA Victor!)

Three Edison items - that sign kills me...

Hand painted mouse plate circa 1905

My thrifty chandelier - perfect for $45!

View of the closet (door removed) and 12 x 12 paper stand
At the top of the closet are vintage holiday decorations

My Halloween Apothecary and knitting stash

South wall with cabinets on top of and inside a former dresser
(drawers removed and shelves inserted for more storage)

Antique collapsible top hat on a House of Lords cigar box
I think that postal scale is one of the very first antiques I collected!

Two Singers: one an antique toy!
Pincushions, notions and pins from 1806

Storage inside dresser - boxes, cabinets & small printer's trays all
make finding supplies so easy

Baby shoes under glass & pretty vintage doorknobs

My newest acquisition: a treadle sewing machine desk
(yes, there is a working sewing machine inside too!)
Perfect for extra room to cut paper

or, more often than not, extra room for a cat to stretch out on

East wall - Regal china, crystal, silver and cobalt

Candlestick phone and bell box
The drawers below store oil and acrylic paints and painting supplies
the breadbox holds completed cards

Meggie models my circa 1980 wedding dress (hat made last year)
She stands in front of an authentic Union Jack about 80 years old

Sheba - the master of "feed me" pleading eyes
She magically appears anytime I am snacking...

Glitter in crystal salt & pepper shakers, other vintage glassware and buttons

This fruit peeler looks very Steampunk to me...
luckily, the cats leave it alone!

Once again, Dakotah snags the prime napping spot

Under desk storage - file drawers, baskets, milk can and jars

Part Two:  Rustic Home

Living Room: Where I do the majority of my knitting (on the chair to the right)
The blanket and pillows were all knit by me in recent weeks

A pallet turned into decor thanks to inspiration
from Donna at Funky Junk Interiors!
A vintage duck decoy sits on the table
and my antique bridge lamp now sheds needed light behind my knitting chair
(previously located in my Studio)

Everything is securely wired -
don't want to skewer any guests on the couch now, do we?

More rustic on the fireplace -
lanterns, wheels, wooden pulley, railroad spikes & watch
and a painting of the 1882 train I worked on - again these used to be in my Studio

Hearth re-do. Pulled the blue crate from my Studio
Milk can on the left, CPR rail water can on the right
Also, that's a shoe shine box in the middle with old brushes and tools inside

Antlers, birdcage and vintage clock
That lamp was once in my Studio too

More birdcages; there are seven in our living / dining spaces
instead of crowding together in the craft room

Old game pieces in our dining room (where we played family board games)
including my collection of 100+ Monopoly tokens
The silver trays, cup and cloche were from the craft room
So much better to have these items grouped together out here!

Antique fan and scale - moved to the dining room
along with a few other rustic gems

Kitchen vintage - heavy scale, tea box, pie birds and green utensils
The pie birds used to grace the high shelf in my Studio: so much better in here!

More green utensils, boards, and egg cups from the Studio
in Coke crate that was once in the craft room too

Over the stove: fruit box with rustic treasures
Makes so much more sense to have food-related items out here

A crate of geese and cows -
love the way the geese ended up "peeking" out of the cheese box!

Whew! Thank you for staying for the entire tour, I hoped you enjoyed it!

On July 12th, be sure to check out the whole list of participants in this year's Where Blogger's Create party over at My Desert Cottage. Karen, as always you are so wonderful to host this awesome event - thank you so much. As I've done in previous years, I am looking forward to visiting each and every participant!


  1. I love what you did with your room, but the whole house is awesome! Each spot is just wonderful to see! I will have to take another tour through here to see what I missed the first time through! Lovely job on the wall above the sofa. I may have to get a palet and try something like that!
    Thank you so much for sharing your lovelies!

  2. My goodness!! I think I've died and gone to heaven. Maureen what a gorgeous studio you have. I haven't finished looking as I'm sure I have missed some things. You've got me thinking after seeing your Singer sewing machine, I really need to bring mine in from the garage. Your cats are just beautiful too. I'm excited to be sharing my studio this year for the first time. My favourite so far would have to be your timber desk and all those beautiful drawers. I so want!!! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing studio and home with us. Karen.x

  3. I love your wonderful creative many treasures. I must ask you, does your cats knock things off? I have my 2 kitties and they are constantly jumping up on shelves. Thanks for sharing your beautiful space!

  4. I love your studio, you have so much to look at, so many beautiful things. I think i will have to go and look again at all your gorgeous photo's. Thank you for sharing

  5. Lovely. I can imagine you might have a time-travelling Charles Dickens sitting with you and reading to you while you create. xx

  6. Your Aesthetic and Style I can most certainly Connect to. I absolutely ADORE your Creative Spaces and I simply MUST take Organizational Tips from your Imagery... you are Masterful at Organizing and making it look Visually Inspiring at the same time!!! Love the Steampunk and Cabinet of Curiosities look to many of your Vignettes, right up my Alley! So Delighted to come back again to your Creative Space and be so Inspired by it, Thanks again for Sharing!!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. Hi there, oh yes totally enjoyed your space, more ideas, especially the tredle machine! Going to bring mine in and not sure where to fit but will make it fit! lol I also have some of the same items you have, pie bird, was Moms, typewriter, clock steampunk parts, love your ideas, I will have to come back to view again and again, it is so warm and beautiful!(plus I love the Victorian style too) thanks for more inspiration! kat =^.^=

  8. Hi Maureen,

    Wow! Your crafting space is amazing! Love the vintage feel and how you have repurposed items to use for storage. I'm a stamper so your stamp collection caught my eye right away! Like you I have a cat watching over me at all times ... LOL! I'll be back for more inspiration. Thank you for sharing all your pretties with us.

  9. O WOW!!! YOUR space is awesome!!! Everything about it... I love all your vintage pieces, especially your glitter shelf. I really like the way you have little displays everywhere. Sheba adds character to the room... THANKS for sharing your AMAZING space...

  10. I LOVE your studio but it must be a pain to dust. I cleaned mine in Jan. and the dust has already covered everything. It's a hopeless endeavor.

    BTW, I referred to the Union Jack as such on someone's blog (she's British) and she jumped all over my case about calling it that. Said that's NOT the proper name, then in a subsequent post, she said it was a major bugaboo of hers that people call it a Union Jack and NOT to do it on her blog. I dropped her.

  11. Your collection of vintage treasures in your studio is just amazing. I fell in love with so many things and I'm totally intrigued by the fruit peeler. I've never seen one like that before. The pallet shelf and the antique finds in your living room and kitchen are wonderful too. Thank you for the lovely tour! I enjoyed it.

  12. I just love the victorian look in your studio but also the rustic look of you house. And you knit...bonus

  13. Great space! I love how you incorporated the antiques pieces. Our house is pretty rustic too. I love your collection on tins! Thanks for sharing your space. I enjoyed the tour.

  14. Oh My! What a feast for the eyes... I didn't know what to look at first... I did notice the black and white cows, which I used to collect when I lived in a bigger space! Is that a cow cookie jar on the top right? I had one exactly like that! I sold her off two years ago at my garage sale... I still miss her! I will be back to have a better look around at all the nooks and crannies once the blog party is over. For now just wanted to say hi, nice to meet you! Enjoy the party
    Beth P (#50 on Linky)

  15. It's no wonder you're able to create such beautiful treasures. Wow, what a space you have and everything is so neatly organized in your 8 x 10 space. Love that Edison sign too:-) Thanks for sharing the rest of your home too. Your displays are amazing!

  16. Wow, what a great creative space. I am gleaning all sorts of ideas for organizing my space from you. I can see you have been collecting for a long time and have many beautiful items. Thank you for inviting us in. I enjoyed my tour. I am Janet from Graceful Rose.

  17. ABSOLUTELY delightful!!! Everything...your studio and home!!! I could look at your pics all day at all the lovely ins and outs!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  18. What a visual treat!!! Love your work space and all your collections!!

  19. How fun to see your room! I am so glad I stopped by I love your style.

  20. Oh Maureen, I LOVE the way you have switched up your collections. It is just perfect. AND you inspired two ideas for me to make some changes myself. Gosh, I wish I could come over and play!

  21. OMG... my heart is just going pitter patter!!! Seriously, your spaces (both of them) got me all a quiver. I love all the details!!! You have some really awesome storage pieces in there Maureen! Wow. Thank you do much for joining the party and letting us be inspired!!!

  22. Wow, amazing! I'm blown away by all the pretty things and all your great storage!!!
    One Victorian delight, thanks for sharing!

  23. I love it - it reminds me of those antique little shops I can't get enough of!I wanna take everything home!

  24. Maureen,

    I have always wanted to "meet" you since we share the same first name, I have seen you on the blog tour before and decided to look you up! Your room is beyond words gorgeous, as is your whole house! I am interested in many of the same things you are, although I have no where near as many lovely things as you do! I had to laugh out loud when you talked about the antique apple peeler, because unfortunately for me, my kitty would never leave it alone! Your cats are beautiful as well. Thank you so much for letting us all see your lovely spaces and all the gorgeous antiques and pretties you have in addition to your crafting supplies.


  25. Your studio is absolutely awesome. I could sit and look around for hours, but then I know my fingers would be itching to get dirty using all your amazing supplies.

    Thanks for the tour.

  26. What a fun treasure-filled place!

  27. Wow, Maureen, what a great space you have to create in! I love how it is all laid out and everything has a place. You have taken advantage of all your space in the best way. I love how you have kept your Victorian feel even in your creative space. I love how you have many things right there at your fingertips for creating.

  28. Gorgeous space to admire and draw inspiration from.
    Thanks for sharing.

  29. What a beautiful collection of antiques! I drool at all your printers trays used to display the smallest items! I have to seriously look at doing something like your collage above the living room couch... Very nice and thanks for sharing!

  30. What beautiful spaces in which to create . Thanks so much for your welcoming tour! Sue

  31. Oh my, I felt like I was browsing through a beautiful antique shop! So pretty & inspiring! And love Sheba!


  32. So many wonderful things to look at and all displayed so nicely. I love that you have many wonderful displays of treasures throughout your home. I really enjoyed my visit with you today.

  33. Tidy! Always so interesting to see a fellows crafters space and how they organize and what eye candy they have! Yours is so different than mine and has such a different vibe to it...loved the tour.

  34. Hi Maureen,
    Talk about eye candy! I am certainly drooling over all of your vintage storage. I love anything with little cubbies or drawers. You have a wonderful collection of vintage. Also couldn't help but notice your sheep. Something I have been trying to find more of. I too love old graphics and you have lots to enjoy. Your entire home is fabulous! Hopped over from Karen's party. Thanks for sharing your wonderful spaces!

  35. What a wonderful place you have. I love vintage items and I would be in heaven in that workspace. So much inspiration.

  36. What wonderful antique storage pieces you have for your artistic supplies. Seeing your stamps in what looks like an antique printer's tray makes me want to try to do the same thing with my stamps.

    I thoroughly enjoyed touring your creative spaces.


  37. I love your space! I am a vintage girl and I could live there and never leave! Thanks for the wonderful tour! Cheryl Riello

  38. I am in Awe of your room! Wow! There is so much to see. I can't believe how very well organized it is considering how much you have. It is a stunning room. TFS!

  39. WOW!!! Your space is amazing . . . so many little nooks and crannies filled with treasures. It's like walking into the Mad Hatter's den . . . I love it!
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  40. Maureen-- oh my gosh!! I think you win the prize girlfriend-- this room is absolutely A-mazing! I can not even imagine having a space such as this-- your storage cabinets just blow my mind. It's beautiful here-- and I'd love to spend the day just looking around! Yes-- you definitely win the prize:)


  41. Lovely studio! Everywhere you look there is something interesting to see. Cats often visit my craft room too.

  42. I could spend all day drooling over your fantastic vintage pieces all displayed so creatively!!! Wow!
    Love those gears!

  43. I love your studio! I love all things Steampunk (I have a few touches of it in our home library) so I definitely love the Steampunk vibe in your studio. :)

    Your studio should be in a movie or magazine. I truly love it. I also love the baby shoes under glass and the vintage doorknob vignette under it. Precious!

    Ricki Jill

  44. Your studio is just amazing! It is filled with so much vintage goodness. I love the way you have re-purposed old silver and vintage shakers to hold your supplies. Thank you for sharing your special space.

  45. I Love that your studio is so personalized ~ it makes for a very comfortable space!
    Thanks for the tour!

  46. Truly amazing collections! Thank you for sharing them with all of us!
    ~ Lin

  47. I have been spending a long time watching and admiring your place (well, both of them). I enjoyed your collections: salt shakers, egg cups, as I collect them too. I love your printer trays and your vintage crates and boxes.
    Everything is fantastic, I just want to say Concratulations!!
    Besos from Argentina,

  48. I feel like I just stepped back in time into your enchanting studio. Thank you for this amazing tour!

  49. Hello Maureen!!! Greetings form your Ontario neighbour : )

    So glad you stopped by my space (so I could find yours) and thank you so much for your really lovely comments.

    You really have a lovely space, its like going back in time and well, I could just stay there and look at all the lovely pieces you have, amazing collection of antiques and goodies. And you have a lovely home too. The mouse place is just too cute! and your real cat Sheba sure has some brilliant green eyes.

    Big thank you for letting us see your space, and hope the Manitoba summer is kind to you.

    Greetings from hot and humid Ottawa!!


  50. Love the rich wood antiques and the vintage decor of your space. What treasures you have!

  51. Really enjoyed the tour. Love the glitter salt shakers and old silver used to hold things. also love your wall color in the house. Just Lovely!

  52. Wowie Zowie! What a lovely step back in time! Tim Holtz must be very proud of you!! Every picture was so amazing and professional looking! Fit for any art magazine! Nice to meet you, by the way!
    xoxo Chris

  53. Awesome! The Victorians would be green with envy!

    Cathy ♥

  54. You truly have a beautiful and inspiring space. Thanks for sharing.

  55. I could see why the Crayola boxes were your favorite. ;) They'd look perfect in your space. When I spotted them (a set of two) at a thrift shop for practically pennies, I could not resist.
    Your creative spaces are divine. So warm and inspiring. Going through the post again slowly. Love it all!
    Thank you for stopping by the imaginatory.

  56. A Coke crate?!? Oh my! Now, that's something I'd love to get my hands on. I've jotted down a few irresistible ideas, such as your crystal s&p shaker display, and the game pieces...LOVE!!!! Would it be considered stalking if I go through a third time? :)

  57. wow! I'm so impressed at how everything fits together so well in your studio. Wonderful how you fit those storage pieces into the chest. Very inspiring...I'm going to try harder to get all my antique pieces to work together. Thanks!

  58. Hi Maureen. I'm a new follower, having linked up to Karen's party for the first time. I'm simply amazed looking at your studio. I've scrolled through it several times in an effort to take it all in. It's the perfect period studio, like stepping back in time. I think working there would make me sit up straighter and feel graceful. I love it and your rustic home. Thanks for giving us a tour of your wonderful spaces. ~ Nancy

  59. your studio just oozes victorian charm, maureen! it reminds me of a quaint antique shop:)

  60. So I'm not sure which I love more now! I mean the living room with the new displays from pieces in your studio (and the sofa which I'm sure is for my benefit) or the studio which has a nice ledge with sunbeams! Hmmm... of course in the studio you still have the mousie plate that I do dearly love. And the steampunk and victorian look that I adore. But the living room has the blue crate now and well, dump the logs out of there and it's a purrfect napping spot. Well unless one of the wheels on the shelf above it rolls off and bonks me on the head. Then it wouldn't be such a nice napping spot. But I"m sure you secured it so it wouldn't do that. But then back in the studio all that glitter....I just love glitter. It looks so lovely on my whiskers. Chicks dig it. And there are those binoculars for watching the birds and squirrels up close and purrsonal. And I really like your steampunk creation next to Tim Holtz's picture. And the top hat - love tophats. I think I look fabulous in them. Just my purrsonal opinion, although "she" also thinks I am very handsome in one. Well I love both the studio and the changes in the house. But since Dakotah is hogging the window ledge I think I'll just go admire the living room for a bit more. From the comfort of the sofa of course! Thanks for letting me visit. Hope you don't charge me rent if I stay for a little bit....



  61. Wow! Another Time - Another Place - I Love your studio. I'm a fellow Canadian from English decent also.
    ❤ Helena from Ontario

    ─ƤєтαƖ & Lαcє Ƈσттαgє ─

  62. Wow! Thank you so much everyone who commented on my rooms... so very kind. I am still making my way through the list of participants, so if I haven't returned your visit, I will be! Thank you again so much!

  63. Awesome collections well displayed. I'd love to see a close up of the 'Pour the tea' sign! Delightful tour, loved the care you put into the showing us the details. I love details! Thanks for sharing!

  64. Hi Maureen,
    Inspired is the first word to come to mind after perusing your post. I love your blog, adore your style, and could quite happily move into both studio and home. Such a treat. I wouldn't know where to start. you have a lot of the same things I do in my studio, but so much more, and so much better presented and put together. Love the sewing machine (s), love the yarn cabinet, love the glitter display, love the... oh, you get the drift.
    Thanks so much, and thanks for stopping by my place and leaving such a nice comment.
    All the best,

  65. Wow! Lots of wonderful old treasures to look at and inspire. Very creative display of objects.

  66. Maureen,
    I visited this fantastic space quite some time ago but I was at work and blocked from commenting and then went home and forgot to do so. I am doing that now!!
    What an AMAZING space ...both of them but the Victorian one has so touched my heart!! LOVE every bit of it!! I shared it on my google + page!!!!


  67. I could play in that room for hours - but what I loved the most were those shakers full of glitter, etc. Oh my.... the one in your seahorse post really caught my eye then when I saw the shelf full...I ooooohhhhed out loud! And your home is beautiful!

  68. One more WOW here, this studio is absolutely stunning! I can't say what I love the most in there, because each corner is unique and outstanding! I am in love with the victorian feeling of the room and those glitter in crystal salt & pepper shakers caught my eye, what a brilliant idea! So many treasures and relics you collect Maureen, a true museum like each piece has it own story :)

  69. From the color of the walls to the basis for your design to the fixed stare of your charming Sheba, I like your space.

  70. I absolutely LOVE your studio!!! You are a woman after my own heart with all of your vintage drawers and treasures! So glad I found you and I will be back soon! xoxo Rhonda...


Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know you were by. I appreciate and read with delight each and every comment!

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