Saturday, June 28, 2014

More Needlework

Knitting needles that is...

It seems if I don't have a paper craft to do, I pick out another knitting project to keep busy. Recently I've made a couple of pillows for the living room couch. Both are removable covers with button closures.

I LOVE cables!

After completing those in a few days, I decided my next project would be another scarf - one to wear over a shirt once the cooler weather returns. But first I had to figure out a way to wrap the wool I chose into a useable ball. You see, most yarn from a specialty shop comes in neat twisted skeins - they look so pretty on my shelf awaiting a project assignment! But unless you want a twisted mess, you can't knit directly from a skein.

Some people have yarn winders and swifts. I spotted an old wooden swift AND a beautiful spinning wheel at the antique mall - sadly they were too far out of my budget - and where the heck would I PUT a spinning wheel anyway? Nevertheless, they were awesome.

Some knitters use the backs of two chairs to pull their yarn taut. Yet others recruit a family member to hold out two hands whilst they wind...

So what did I do? I used my trusty laptop. I looped the wool around the screen and was able to wind it around a cardboard tube with ease!

I saved the tube from a roll of plastic wrap - it's more sturdy than a paper towel tube. I made sure the start of the wool stuck out so I could grab it once the yarn was wound around it.

Then I slid the wool off the tube, and voila! A center-pull ball that is perfect to knit from, doesn't get tangled or roll away like a regular ball of wool does. And with three cats, the less balls of yarn rolling about the floor, the better.

Here's what I made from two skeins of that Peruvian hand-dyed wool - another kerchief for the Fall. Meggie is kindly modelling for me yet again.

So now that this one is done, off to decide what to tackle next....


  1. Nice projects!!! My former boss was a knitter and her yarn used to get so hopelessly tangled. I was the only person with the patience to untangle it so she had me do that quite a bit.

  2. Those pillows looks so cozy and I like the stitch you used for the scarf. It looks very light and lacy. Love the way you put new-fangled technology to a very old-fangled purpose! You definately need to share that with your IT peeps - LOL!

  3. Lovely... I Wonder if Upcycled Old Sweaters would also Work for such Cozy Pillows? Humnnnnnnn... coz it's not like I could knit any like you, you Clever Girl! *LOL*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Love the beauty in that scarf!! Makes me want to learn to knit!

  5. I never learned to knit, but I sure can appreciate any tips that can make the job easier. Your newest masterpiece is gorgeous!

  6. Maureen, your pillows and scarf are lovely, hoping you will be getting the sunny weather we now have here in the. Okanagan!
    Happy Monday my sweet friend!

  7. Hi Maureen,
    Just sending you some warm sunny OK weather! know it has been tough for you in are in my thoughts..hope you stayed dry with all the flooding!

  8. That Kerchief is gorgeous, as are your Pillows. Is the kerchief your own made up Pattern ?

  9. Thank you everyone for your very sweet comments. Dawn: oh yes! I have seen people make these from old sweaters! They look fab!

    Thank you for your kind thoughts Dagmar - we have been dry, but some west of us have not been so lucky :(

    Silvia: Thank you. I got the pattern for free over at Ravelry! If you are a knitter or crocheter, it is a free site that has thousands of free patterns!


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