Monday, March 12, 2012

Antique Show

Finally the day had come... I've been waiting for the first big antique show of the year with great anticipation and of course, a Wish List for my studio.

It's hard to believe that for the past 15 years, daughter and I have attended these shows together. Back then, we hunted down toys for my Star Wars collection. Now I'm looking for antique treasures!

And treasures were found.

In fact, within the first hour of the doors opening, I had all but drained my pocket of the amount I budgeted myself to spend. Of course daughter was given her own money to search for vintage jewellery that she likes to find. And I had no trouble at all capturing fine prizes -- as you can see:

Some of the goodies I found include a silver framed photo album, three sets of salt and pepper shakers (for a display I will soon unveil), a primitive kitchen grater, oil tin, sifter and sad iron. I was thrilled to find a mini version of my old Wizard lantern and something off my Wish List: some antique glass headed pins. Other smalls found were an old metal tape measure, an English brass and wood caliper, ceramic deer mug and more watch parts. Always looking under the tables instead of just ON them, I discovered a wonderful old wire oil can caddy and a vintage Coca Cola box with dividers. One of the weirdest items I brought home were four rusty railroad spikes. I have a picture of an 1880 locomotive I used to work on, so I am thinking of adding these spikes to some kind of railroad display... methinks I need to find my old railroad cap!

The best find was the very last. As we were preparing to head out for a nice breakfast we found an sweet old chap with a table full of war mementos from HIS father; uniforms, caps and the like. Now I don't collect those, but when I spied the Union Jack sitting beside them... I fell in love.He made me a really good deal on the 75 year old flag.

I couldn't wait to hang it in my studio.

Yep, it was a GREAT day alright.

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