Monday, April 16, 2012

Titanic ATCs

Obviously influenced by watching specials all week...

As usual, I made two of each; one to keep and one to trade.

The first features a scan of a Titanic playing card from a set I bought at the Titanic Artifacts Exhibition last year. I ripped and inked a scan of a dictionary page... "Sink". Three brads represent the more than 3 million rivets used to hold the great ship together.

The second card is "Tragic"... again, two images scanned from my playing card set, cut out and the newsboy is popped up on foam dimensionals for even more impact.

The last card is a compilation of images from my Titanic ephemera, along with a dictionary page on "Titanic". Appropriate.

I was going to add more to these, but I think they speak volumes as they are.


  1. Each is just so beautiful! :) Lovely!


  2. Thank you Kasia! With each one, I am learning more... they are addictive!


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