Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Last Week's Finds

Here is what I treated myself to last week after a couple of trips to local thrift stores.

The old French - English translation dictionary will be perfect for some collage projects. The green garden tote I passed on at first - I thought about it all day, went back the next day and to my delight was still there waiting for me. This is going to get a new coat of paint, distressed and stenciled.

Even though I have enough salt and pepper shakers for all my embossing powders and glitter, I just couldn't resist picking up the single shaker.. it is so tall and lovely! A few doilies are always welcome in my studio, but the large one is now displayed beautifully across the back of my loveseat.

I also couldn't resist the twig basket... a steal for $3! And the sheep figurine just SPOKE to me (okay, not literally... that would be weird). I knew he would fit right in on my desktop. Has anyone seen one like him? I searched and searched online and couldn't find him anywhere... I have no idea who made him or when.

I added the silver tray to my desktop too.

The little wicker case is so cute; I already have a place just right for it:

A funny thing about the framed picture: I got it simply for the frame.... but the image has grown on me so I have dubbed her simply as "The Lady of the Studio" and shall keep her as is.

The 12" vintage ruler was something that made me laugh, so I HAD to buy it, for on the back was a list entitled "Rulers of England"! Ha!

Well, what a perfect addition to my Victorian Studio, no?

Oh yeah. I also bought some great burlap fabric to make two pillow cases.... however when it came time for the photoshoot above, it had already been spoken for:

Well, at least I know it's soft enough to cover those two couch pillows with...


  1. Some really great finds. Its too bad the artist didn't sign the sheep. It is carved from wood right?
    Thanks for entering my giveaway.
    hugs Lynn

  2. Fantastic! That twig basket? I have one just like it!!!! :D I love your workspace girl, you go! :)


  3. Thanks Lynn... yes I think it's wood! Hopefully one day I can find out what the heck it is from! With the wreath around it's neck, I guess it is a Christmas ornament, but it's not a Hallmark one.

    Thank you Kasia! So cool you have that basket too! We can never have too many baskets, eh?? ;)


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