Friday, June 29, 2012

Treasures Of The Week

It was a good week... a good week indeed for treasure hunting. And admit it, we "re-purposers", "thrifters" or "treasure hunters" (whatever you want to call yourself)... get a rush from the hunt and great pleasure from discovery.

I was certainly pleased to find a wonderful ornate mirror tray at Goodwill for $4 - something I have always wanted. At that same store I also found the tres-cute bunny for a dollar, a silver creamer (I can always find SOMETHING to put in these, no matter how many I have... I think this makes three) for $2, and the curious trinket box with "Japan" embossed on the bottom for only $2 as well!

Mirror tray, bunny, vintage spools, silver creamer, two sets of doorknobs
and a Japanese trinket box
The two doorknobs I finally brought home from my local antique shop; I have picked these up a few times previously, but had always put them back. After continuously thinking that they, along with my other brass Victorian knobs, would make a great display rack one day, I was happy to see them still waiting for me. My friend at the shop also threw in the three vintage wooden spools gratis; to go with the antique toy Singer sewing machine I got there for Mother's Day.

Covered silver tray

This tray was also a Goodwill find - not bad for $5! The staff at the store was just setting it out when I was there; good timing to be sure! It is heavy and quite large; I think it could be a wonderful way to store old lace... hmmmm.

Here is a closeup of the trinket box.

A closer look at the Japanese trinket box

Inside it is lined with red velvet fabric... I can't really tell how old this is; but regardless, I love it - a perfect addition to my Victorian Studio.

Inside the box - must find something special to keep in here!

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  1. Oh God Maureen! WHERE do you find stuff like that? wow you lucky!!! Ive never been able to hunt like that in Toronto, I bought a silver tray nowewhere near this stunning for 45$!!! T.T Damn it, Im moving to Manitoba!!!

  2. More great finds! We have a great store in downtown Buzzards Bay called The Watchamacallit Shop and it's full of treasures like this!

  3. I AM lucky, Kasia... and it would be AWESOME to have you as a neighbor!! ;)

    JoJo: That sounds intriguing - it definitely would be on my must-shop-at list!

  4. Maureen,
    I love your glass doorknob! I've seen them in museums and I have taken pics of them to take home. Great find!

    Sylvia in Edmonton

  5. Oh, so many fun finds! I love all the old silver and the tray is wonderful! Thank you for joining TTF and I hope you are having a terrific day!


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