Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Antique Shopping

It's been awhile since I shared the new treasures found on recent shopping trips daughter and I have been on. On my birthday, we spent the afternoon at two favorite shops where I found these:

An old bottle for a buck, a silver match tray from the UK for half price (it has a crown embossed on the top, so how could I resist?), red Waterman's ink (bottle unused inside!), two pie birds (I have been looking online for these; to find two, one white and one black for $12 for the pair was amazing!), an aqua insulator (my 4th) and two white chippy posts I left on our last trip ... I was hoping they would still be there, and after hunting up and down, I finally spotted them just waiting for me in another part of the shop!

Besides the ink, I also brought home some other great additions to my vintage office/art supply collection:

This bottle was a mere $3.50... dated 1890, it is photographic retouching medium by Johnson & Sons, Manufacturing Chemists, London England. It's still half full!

This old empty tack box was an unbelievable 50 cents... I love the graphics!

Excelsior! Speaking of great graphics, I ADORE this old box... and for $7.50, I was thrilled to find it wasn't empty! Yup, that envelope is still full of bronze powder!

The box side side is hilarious too. "Ask only and distinctly for this brand".... Here's a shot of both sides:

I also got this great old file box on a previous trip to that shop. Perfect for storing homemade cards, no?

Before that in mid-September I picked up these at various thrift shops:

A great heavy silver candlestick, more salt and pepper shakers, an old Japanese ceramic bird, a white small (newer) bird, a crown-shaped perfume bottle and a silver butter dish!

Oh and four Thanksgiving transferware plates for $2 each:

Yep, quite a haul alright... and daughter and I are headed down to the US for a short shopping trip this weekend. So hopefully I'll have more treasures to share afterward!

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  1. You have such a knack for finding great stuff!!! So are you going to use the powder or the ink or leave them unopened? I wonder if they even work after all these years? BTW, what's a 'pie bird'? And I love insulators too.

  2. Wow what great treasures. Love the pie bird and the insulators. I look for them whenever I am treasure hunting.
    Have a great day ~

  3. Thanks JoJo! I think I shall leave them both unused... they have now joined the rest of my vintage / antique office/craft supplies on my shelf!

    Pie birds were used to vent steam from fruit or meat pies. Bakers also used their beaks to create decorative edges on the pie crust! They are ceramic and hollow, so they were placed in the middle of the pie before filling. While baking, the steam would vent up thru the bird's body and out the beak! I love that I found both a white one and a black one. The white was $5 and the black $7!

    Thank you Vintage Gal! I have only bought a few insulators... I passed up so many previously I could have had quite a collection by now. I finally gave in and picked up three at Goodwill for a couple of bucks. This one I didn't mind paying $5 for at an antique shop since it was such a pretty colour!

  4. Fabulous finds! I love the silver butter dish -- I have a soft spot for silver tableware!! The Thanksgiving plates are lovely too -- I can just picture the table set with them!!

  5. I love your finds! Plates are so beautiful and this old bottle is amazing! Kisses x x x

  6. You are just the luckiest gal! Look at these stupendous finds! LOVE the insulator! :D


  7. LOVE the chippy posts! I have a pair that I use as candle holders! Great haul :)

  8. I would have bought everything here. Love those wonderful architectural pieces and the graphics on the bottles and boxes. Hope you have a wonderful trip this weekend and find tons of treasures.


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