Sunday, October 21, 2012

Small and Big

Well, it was a SMALL trip, but we had BIG fun. Daughter and I headed down to Grand Forks and Fargo for an overnight trip to a few shops - including two antique malls, natch.

As usual, I was on the lookout for goodies to add to my art studio. Happily, I found some great deals on a few SMALLS:

A vintage reindeer for my growing collection (I try to get one on every trip away from home), two pocket watches for parts (although one still does work!), a key that was in with one watch, an oval flower frog to display cards on, a vintage button card with "Latest Paris Novelty" written on the front, a great old lion head drawer pull, another silver creamer, two vintage office tins: correction tape and typewriter ribbon and a wonderful cast iron Victorian string holder daughter found for me!

Yep, some wonderful treasures indeed. But the best item I brought home was BIG.

Something I have been searching for at a decent price for nearly a year. I have BIG plans for it too:

Tawnee waiting for a ride

Thanks to Donna for posting this on Funky Junk Interiors last December, I have been wanting an old sled for my Christmas decor. The photo of her log-laden beauty was one of the very first pins I posted on Pinterest.

I haven't decided whether this Garton Silver Streak cutter sled will grace the fireplace leaning up on end all decked out with holly/fir, rusty sleigh bells and ribbon, or slide under the tree stacked with gifts or firewood... we'll have to see. All I need to do is add some old rope. I just LOVE it and after doing some research, discovered that these were manufactured from 1879 to the 1950s. This one looks early 1900's.

"To Victorian children, winter meant snowmen, snowball fights, hot chocolate and sled rides," comments O. Henry Mace, author of Collector's Guide to Victoriana. "Even before the first snow fell, the trusty wooden vehicles were pulled down from the shed rafters or out from beneath the bed, and were dusted and waxed in preparation of the big event."

And the best part? The owner took my first offer of only $30! I have seen smaller, newer sleds with broken runners or incomplete decks for up to $80 here.

So yup, it was a SMALL run across the border, but it yielded some BIG scores!

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  1. *whispers* Rosebud..... lol That's what i thought of when I saw the sled! Great finds again. Thought of you today, having a field day in my 2 fave antique collectives in town when I was engaging in some Retail Therapy.

  2. Fun finds and one of these days you need to come a little more "SOUTH" and we can meet! The sled is a nice find! They are so much fun to decorate with.
    LOVE your tags! What a fun idea. That little reindeer is darling!

  3. Enjoyed seeing your 'finds.' That's a great sled! And Tawnee couldn't be cuter. :-)

  4. Love all your finds!!! So pretty! Lovingthe sled too, I can totally see why you'd want to get one! :)


  5. I don't care if we don't get snow in Florida, I still want a sled to display at Christmas too. That is very cool. Congrats on the find and the great price.

  6. Came over from Knick of Time Tuesday.. I love your sled, and actuality jave one I have used for years during the Holidays..almost time to get it out! I am your newest follower, and invite you to come visit my brand new blog..The Pink Geranium...

  7. Haha! JoJo, I was thinking the EXACT same thing! I wonder how many people get that reference ;) "Retail Therapy"... now I HAVE to remember to use that ;)

    Ah Deb, thank you! Yes, we usually go as far as Minneapolis, but since daughter had University mid-terms, we only had the two days :( The next time we are down there, I will definitely have to let you know so we can meet up!

    Thank you CM! (Love that handle, BTW). Yep Tawnee definitely is a beautiful Ragdoll kitty.

    Katherine: We used to have one when daughter was small (not so old though) but the neighbor took it when she outgrew it for his grandkids to use!

    Ha! Liz! I can't imagine Christmas without snow! But at least you don't have to shovel....

    The Pink Geranium: Welcome! And thank you! I shall be sure to pop on by!

  8. LOVE it...and your kitty is a cutie! I'll be featuring you this week for Knick of Time Tuesday - thanks for sharing with us!



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