Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

My 38 lb pumpkin I scored for a only $2.70 at Safeway before Thanksgiving (since no one there knew how to figure out how to calculate the total because it was too big to weigh at the cashier).

Of course this is Dakotah's favorite holiday...

Do dis cat one!

Sorry Tawnee, I already decided I was going to carve the Headless Horseman...

The real pumpkin joins two other foam ones done for previous Halloweens...outside is ready.

Candy is (munch, munch...) delicious, er ready. 

Look closely Tawnee! I made the cat pumpkin in foam (on the step)
Inside is ready...

I'll open with a pair of Jacks
  Now I have to make dinner.

Yeah, I love Halloween... how'd you know?


  1. You did an outstanding job with the pumpkins! I love those pumpkin masters kit designs. Haven't done one in years b/c it kinda hurts my wrist after awhile, esp. poking the holes for the outlines. I didn't get anyone at my house tonight which was actually OK. All the more candy for me.

  2. Hello Maureen! Lovely stuff I see! I love Halloween too! :D



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