Friday, January 18, 2013

Growing My Blog

Along with nearly 400 other blogs, I am thrilled to be participating in Vicki's (at 2 Bags Full) "Grow Your Blog" event! Welcome to all my new readers and welcome back to all my returning visitors!

Back in June, Vicki wrote a wonderful post about giving back to the blogging community by hosting an event to give exposure to blogs that had less than 200 Followers. At the time I signed up to join, I had 14 dear Followers. I now have over 80 (Yay!), mostly due to the tremendous success of Karen Valentine's "Where Bloggers Create" party last July.

Therefore to celebrate this big event, I thought it would be the perfect time to update my Victorian Studio tour. Wouldn't you know it, mere weeks after Karen's party last summer, my daughter got a place of her own and I was able to move my art studio back upstairs to her old bedroom - with one caveat: I had to share the space with her two birds as she couldn't take them with her. No problem! They are a treat to keep me company... along with my three cats and one dog who all park themselves in that small room whenever I am in there.

Before I moved everything to this smaller, yet brighter space, I wanted to make it look as "Victorian" as I could. Decorating in the late 1800's was all about excess... one displayed collections and treasures to be admired. I started by hanging some beautiful wallpaper on two walls; perfect designs I found in a roll-end bin for a mere $10. I discovered an awesome chandelier at Habitat For Humanity for $45, then I added $3 lace curtains from Goodwill and began the hunt for more antiques and vintage items for storage (and some for me just to admire when I spend every waking moment in there ;) ). If you've been a reader of my blog, I am sure you'll recognize treasures I've picked up from antique shops and thrift stores over the past few months.

So it was out with the plastic and in with the wood, tarnished silver, lace and glass. Months later, it's ready for a grand reveal. I'll let the images speak for themselves. If you'd prefer to see these images full screen on Flickr with descriptions (or if you're on a non-flash device), click HERE:

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

To thank you for taking the time to visit my studio, I have some blog candy you can win! How would you like these 8 antique Easter postcards? They are from the early 1900's (one is dated 1908 and another 1914). They do have writing on the backs (which is so neat to read) and the graphics on the fronts are wonderful - perfect for a vintage Easter vignette!

If you'd like to be entered to win, simply leave me a comment so I can get a hold of you should I draw your name.

Anyone can enter, anyone can win - regardless of where you live and you do not have to have a blog or even be a Follower (although I would LOVE it if you'd become a Follower of Victorian Studio!). Deadline for the draw is midnight Central Time, Thursday, January 31st. I will announce the winner of the draw here on my blog on February 1st; so there's plenty of time for these to reach your home before Easter.

Good luck!

My sincere thanks to wonderful, talented Vicki at 2 Bags Full. You are so kind to help other bloggers get noticed. If you haven't already, I would ask that you visit Vicki and be amazed at her incredible creations and see for yourself what a giving spirit she has, obvious in all the work that she does for so many.

ETA 0730 February 1, 2013:



Dagmar, I will send you a note to let you know you have won my set of vintage Easter postcards. I hope you enjoy them!

Thank you all for visiting, commenting and Following. I have met so many new bloggy friends, and I hope you will continue to come by, as I know I have many new places to visit too! Again, my thanks also to Vicki at 2 Bags Full for all her incredibly hard work putting this Grow Your Blog party together! You are the best!

I wish I could send out a prize to each and every one... but this has been so much fun, I have ALREADY purchased my next blog candy. So stay tuned for even more giveaways in the future!


  1. Hello Maureen, It is nice to meet you! You have such a lovely blog, the Victorian decor is beautiful!
    I enjoyed reading about your room and seeing your slide show. You are really set up so well! What a creative space to work in. You must really love it.
    Artful Affirmations

  2. Beautiful studio! I am an old follower from Karen's Blog Party! Congrats on 80.... I am still working on getting exposure...

    Happy New Year! And the vintage Easter postcards are ADORABLE!

  3. What an amazing studio you have. It is wonderful to meet you! Love the vintage cards.

    Jocelyn @

  4. I've recently begun to be really inspired by Victorian imagery but I'm honestly unsure where to start. Your studio has some great points for me!

    Great to meet you!


  5. Lovely studio! Mine is very tiny indeed, but I'm not sure I don't love it all the more for that.=)

  6. Your studio is lovely, and it sounds like you will be finding lots of inspiration there. Enjoyed my visit...came here from the Grow Your Blog Party.

  7. Hi Maureen. Your studio is simply scrumptious! I am so happy for you. What an inspiring atmosphere. Thanks for joining in on the party.

  8. WOW! Your studio is just filled with awesomeness!!!!!! So much great stuff. Love it! I totally forgot about the Grow Your Blog party today and didn't participate.

  9. Thank you Terri! I DO love to spend as much time as possible here... thank you so much for stopping by. I shall be sure to visit you back!

    Hi Stasa Lynn! Well, this is a great time to connect with others; I will stop by to see your blog too. Thank you for coming and commenting!

    Hello Jocelyn! Thank you for heading North to visit! I shall be sure to head "down South" for a stop by your place too!

    Thank you Velody! I am glad you got some ideas; I do love the Victorian British craftsmanship; it's like I can share just a bit of how my own ancestors lived.

    Elizabeth: Sometimes smaller can be better - not so much to clean! It's not the size, but where you feel comfortable to create. I do prefer being upstairs again! Thanks for visiting.

    Thank you Sage Butterfly! I am glad you could stop by - yes, this party is a big one! I am looking forward to meeting a lot of new bloggers!

    Thank YOU Elizabeth, for coming and commenting! It's so great to have an event like this to finally debut my new room.

    JoJo: Aw, thanks! You know I kept you waiting for a long time for the reveal.... and don't worry about forgetting - just go to Vicki's blog and start visiting the people on the list; you'll get a lot returning to see your blog too ... I know it!

  10. Hi, Maureen
    Thanks for the tour of the studio. Congratulations on your wonderful work space.
    I love the wrought iron and glass items. The round ball string dispenser is my favorite.


  11. Maureen,
    What a fantastic job you have done with your new studio!!

    Amazing!! And the way you have everything displayed is fantastic!! I really enjoyed my visit here today but you know I always love to stop by and see what is new!!


  12. Hi Maureen! I love your studio and your blog is full of interesting things to see. I'll definitely sign up to follow! I'd also love to be entered to wind the lovely cards.

  13. Lovely place, and thank you for the studio tour. I enjoyed your blog. I hope you'll stop by mine too and enter your comment for MY giveaway :-))

  14. It's nice to meet you! Thank you for the tour! I live in a Victorian rectory in England!

  15. fun, fun, fun!! this looks like such a fun blog. glad to have found you thanks to the blog party. i wish you a great weekend. please do stop by my blog when you get the chance. take care. ( :

  16. Dear one, this is a place of inspiration!!

  17. Your studio is amazing! am looking forward to following your blog! love the Victorian cards and your for footed helpers! Thanks for visiting my blog through Vicki's party - it's been such fun!

  18. Holy Cow! That's some studio. I'm so jealous. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll check yours often. Love your creations. I love the Victorian Cards so sign me up.....


  19. What an absolutely beautiful tour of your studio. I love all your wooden drawers and the salt cellars and the plate with the mice on... and is that a lace window treatment? Everything is a delight. What a lovely idea the Grow Your Own Blog is, otherwise I probably wouldn't have found you. xx

  20. WOW Maureen, I'm speechless!!! Your studio is absolutely amazing!!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, so glad I found yours!
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    your newest follower!

  21. Hi Maureen, Love your studio redo and how wonderfully organized everything is. Your giveaway is fabulous and I would love to enter.
    I am already a follower.
    Enjoy the party and have a creative week.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  22. I loved your tour and can't believe your finds, so great. I would love to be entered into your giveaway, I collect old postcards.

  23. Wow, I want to play in your studio, it looks amazing. Thanks for the lovely give away, I have four lovely old postcards, these would near make what I have a collection.

  24. I lovew your blog! Will be visiting more often, I am a follower now- I would love to be entered in your giveaway!! Hugs, Linda

  25. Also, follower 100, that's got to be auspicious.

  26. Oh, Maureen, I have to say I am SO jealous of your studio - your a-may-zing stash of stuff, the neatness of it, the beautiful homely design of the place. It is inspiring just to look at it! I would be honoured to win your giveaway too.

    I'm definitely going to follow you, as I need inspiration for my card making. Please pop in and see me at (crafting/ general life in France) and (food inspired)

  27. You have a lovely blog. I'm new follower and 'Grow Your Blog' participant. Have fun in at the party!
    Evalina, This and that...

  28. WOW! This is incredible! No wonder at all why everyone wants to be in there with you! Love so much about your new studio!! Romeo says he loves the birdies the best...bad kitty right?! Me? Wow, so much the little mousie plate, the jars of glitter, the brides basket with get the idea! Congrats on your "new" studio! And thank you so much for sharing!

    Hugs and purrs to all,

    "her" and Romeo

  29. Hi Maureen,

    It is so nice to meet you. Your blog is lovely. I'm still making my way through visiting everyone from Vicki's Grow Your Blog party. I hope you will stop by to say hello.

  30. hI Maureen!!!!!!!!What a lovely studio!I look forward to getting to know you!!!Come and check my blog!

  31. Hello :D
    Nice to meet you at the party!.
    Great blog! Beautiful Studio!
    Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway.

  32. Im moving to your studio... Ill only need a box under a desk, Ill be fine... O.O WOW girl, just WO.. Absolutely beautiful and I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything!


  33. Very pretty Easter cards. I have enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to reading your future posts.

  34. Whew! Just taking a break from blog hopping some more! I will be sure to visit everyone who comments here.

    Hi Sylvia! Thank you so much - I too love the old iron string dispenser; I had to fight off quite a few other bidders to get that on eBay!

    Oh Debbie, you are always too sweet! You know we share a love of Victorian treasures; your blogs are an inspiration!

    Thank you Lou Anne, welcome and good luck!

    Oh I will be sure to come by Socrates -- thank you for visiting!

    Gill! I was looking to see if you had a blog! A Victorian rectory? That must be great! If you do have a blog, please let me know!

    Thank you Beth! I think I have already stopped by yours; but if not I will definitely make sure I do!

    Awwww, Robyn, you are too kind! Thank you and welcome!

    Christina, thank you for your visit and you're most welcome for my visit to you! Yes, it has been fun! I am still getting thru the whole list of participants!

    Thank you Lori! You are signed up alright! Thanks for popping by!

    Welcome Andi! Yes, those lace curtains were a great Goodwill find... perfect for a Victorian look and perfect price of $ 3!

    Welcome Diana, and thank you for Following! I too am glad to have the opportunity to meet so many new bloggy friends!

    Thank you so much Celestina! You are definitely entered - good luck!

    Hi Di! Oooh, I too love old postcards... I have a few; some framed, some loose. Good luck!

    Ellie-Mae! Ha! Yes, good luck - here's hoping a collection is in the making... ;) Oooh! Triple digit Followers! Thank you!

    Hi Linda, and thank you for stopping by!

    Oh! Fat Doormouse! I think I have popped by already - if not, I will definitely make it a stop. Thank you so much for your very kind comments!

    Hi Evalina! Thank you for your visit! I shall be sure to return the favor!

    "Her" and Romeo! Ha! Welcome back! Oh, my kitties love the birdies too ;) But they are very well behaved around them, as I am sure you would be too Romeo. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment!

    Donna: I will be sure to stop by your place and return the visit! Thank you for coming - I hope you enjoyed your stay!

    Hi Gabriela! Welcome, and thank you! I shall visit you as well!

    Welcome Hueisei! Nice to meet you too! Thank you and good luck in the draw!

    Katherine: You know you are welcome anytime! Thank you!

    Kathy: Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Welcome and good luck!

  35. I loved the tour of your studio. So many wonderful oooolllllld things. Your crystal shakers are marvelous too!

    It is great to meet you through Vicki's GYB party.

    If you have a chance, please drop by

  36. Hi Maureen,
    I agree it is great to meet another Canuck..we are retired, so that gives us the flexibility to travel to our home here in the US for 5 months..brr, you guys are being hit by the cold...BTW..loved reading about your studio and what you create,,,I will become a follower and let's stay in touch!
    Warm Canadian hugs,

  37. Yes, Maureen, I DID enjoy the tour - even if it made me a wee bit jealous! I would love to organize a true studio space, but am pretty sure that will have to wait until I'm done homeschooling. That takes up too much of my time to leave much for creating anyway, except for a little spinning and knitting.

    Thanks for visiting Boulderneigh today!

  38. BTW Maureen,
    Love all the photos of your critters, they look so sweet!

  39. Hi Maureen
    Found you via the gybp event. I really enjoyed looking around your blog, very pretty. Really loved the tour too. The vintage keys are so cool!

  40. Hi Dagmar! Oh to be retired! If I didn't like my job so much, I could have retired two years ago... when I do, I shall be found here in my craft room! I will keep in touch! I love your blog! Thank you so much for coming by to visit.

    Thank you Michelle! I am so glad you could come by; your place is amazing - and I am looking forward to being a regular visitor!

    Oh thank you Dagmar... they all pile into this small room when I am here. Too funny to see them all together, usually napping whilst I work.

    Knitalatte: Ha! Love the name! Thank you so much! Keys are getting harder to find what with Steampunk artists scooping them all up! I will be sure to look up your blog and visit you too!

  41. Hi, I love to thrift, too and I go nuts over anything vintage and sewing so, in my book, you really scored on the sewing basket! (Drool!) I hope you'll come by my blog if you haven't already. It was fun to meet you!

  42. Maureen, I really enjoyed the studio tour! What a lovely idea to put in on your blog in this way! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

  43. You blog has been very busy with so many folk commenting. The blog party is a lot of fun and sure is full of interest. You have plenty of interest thankyou.

  44. Hi, I want to thank you for visiting my blog and your nice comments. I just finished looking at the slide show of your wonderful studio - it is overwhelming! I loved looking at the the little things tucked everywhere! Did you get all those drawers at thrift shops - i NEED those!! Just finished reorganizing my stash and I could still use more organization. Love, Linda, your newest follower.

  45. Hi Maureen. I love your studio tour and your studio! What fun!!
    I am visiting via Vicki's blog party and am happy to have landed here. Count me in as a new follower and fellow vintage thrifter.
    Come visit if haven't

  46. Wow... I love your studio! I have some very similar items.... some old oak cabinets that are great stamp storage, and wrapping paper holders like yours, etc. Fun!
    Found your blog on the GYB hop!

  47. What a beautiful Blog and studio. Very rich in texture and color. Stop by for a chance at my giveaway. Love yours. Hugs from Alaska. Karen

  48. Oh.My.Goodness! I adore your studio and all the pretty vignettes and all those DRAWERS. It looks like a wonderful place to hang out and create!

  49. Hi Maureen, I love your studio and those drawers are just wonderful! Great decor and your so correct it is right up my alley, loving victorian and everything old with a story to tell. Now I'm off to click the follow button, Have a great week it is going to take me forever to get through all the blogs on the GYB party.
    Hugs Marilou of Lulu's Lovlies

  50. Hi Laurie! Thank you so much! I did stop by your blog and made sure I Followed so I can return!

    Carola: Thank you, love your blog too!

    Joan, yes it has been a busy few weeks! I am still trying to visit as many as I can and got a chance to stop by to visit you too!

    Linda, you are welcome, and thank you for coming by for a visit! Some drawers are from thrift shops, some from antique shops and a couple even off eBay!

    Denise: Thank you so much - I am OCD so I love to organize, and what better way to do that than with old wooden drawers?

    Karen, just LOVE your blog from Alaska - you have been added to my Excursions page too as I want to make sure I return to visit many times!

    Kathy, thank you! I just popped by your blog too... so nice to see more vintage goodies!

    Marilou: Yes, it does take awhile to get through so many blogs! Thank you for your visit and taking the time to comment!

  51. Enjoyed your blog and your lovely creative room...however, am jealous of all your copics...I think I have about 30...but I am still collecting them!! Lots of fun and unique items in your room, and your work is gorgeous...I have become you newest follower.....thanks for the nice comment on my blog and for visiting.....I have been so slow getting around....but hopefully can visit everyone at some point. ... and you also have wonderful help it looks like in your furry friends...I imagine they are a great help, like my cat cloe is alsleep right now in all my white fabrics of all!!

  52. I absolutely loved the tour! The ribbons hung above are so wonderful! I would love to win your postcards! Thanks for visiting me. It's nice to meet you too and I will be following now!

  53. I loved the studio tour, can you come organize my space? :)

  54. Awesome slide show. Beautiful space. Wonderful cards!

  55. Maureen, I'm so glad you visited my blog as I didn't get around to everyone from the GYB party. I'm a new follower and am happy to find another card maker.
    I'll be back to check out more of your blog.

  56. I love your photo tour, there are so many amazing things in there. I guess you're a fan of English themes as well as Victorian/Edwardian things?
    I love the cast iron string holder, so decorative and useful at the same time.
    It's a long while before my boys leave home and I can have a room like that!

  57. You have a beautiful studio and I've enjoyed visiting your blog! Sweet hugs!

  58. Hi Diane! Aw, thank you so much. I started collecting Copics a few years ago and would get a few each month. I don't have a full set but I have more than enough for my needs ;) I LOVE colouring with them! Ha! about Cloe! Yes, mine seem to find the "best/worst" places to sleep too! And with three cats, there is always at least one sharing my desk (like right now). Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a kind comment.

    Patty thank you for coming by. I am looking forward to revisiting all the new bloggy friends I have found thanks to Vicki!

    Ha! Kim! I just may take you up on that... I do love to organize. But that's just my OCD talking ;)

    Thank you so much Bohemiannie! art!

    Judith, thank YOU for stopping by too! I will be sure to come by your place again - I am always looking for card inspiration.

    Jo: Thank you! Yes, since I have an English heritage, I do like the Victorian UK decor. I hope you get your own room one day!

    Lavender Dreamer: Thank you so much!

  59. Hi Maureen! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. It's great to meet you.
    Your studio is awesome!! I love what you've done with it.
    I also love your furbabies. I would love to be included in your giveaway if it's not too late.

  60. Hi Lynn! Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. No, you are not too late! I will be doing the drawing today! Good luck!

  61. Hi Maureen,
    I Love your blog and you gorgeous studio.
    I've been a follower since Karens party last summer.
    And, found out about Vickis party through your blog when you were promoting it, So thank you!!!

    It's been great fun!

    Wishing you a great weekend!


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