Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hidden Treasure

I know.

This is NOT Victorian. It's NOT my style at all (at least not since the 1970's...)

So why then did I drop $5 on this psychedelic sewing basket at Goodwill today?

Well, for what was INSIDE:

Yep, full of vintagy-goodies that will come in handy crafting. Buttons, wooden spools, seam binding, bias tape, zippers, snaps, elastic, thread, bold thick needles...

Just reading the price stickers was entertaining enough...

I wonder if that Woolco price tag with 9 10 77 means Sept. 10, 1977?

Yep. The 70's. When you REPAIRED the elastic on your underwear and PJs...

I wonder if I can still send "10 cts for 5 thread locks"...

Wiggle Eyes! Yes, Owls were all the rage back then

When I spotted that card of Canadian Olympic buttons from 1976, well....

I just KNEW I had to bring it all home.

Lots of fun going through it all. I will admit, whoever had this sewing basket kept it in great condition for 40 years.

So I'll just take everything out and give the basket back to Goodwill. I have some other bags of stuff I bought only for an item or two inside - the rest will be re-donated back.

Unless.... someone out there wants it? It's marked "Made in Japan" on the wooden bottom. I've also got 14 colourful handkerchiefs I was going to re-donate.

If there is any interest in something that screams 1970,  I'll run a free drawing for the basket and handkerchiefs later this month (I'll see if there is anything else I can throw in).

If not, then back to Goodwill it all goes.

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  1. That's a great find!!! And, it was so full....

  2. What a terasure trove! The basket is eeek! But inside its stuffed! Congrats! :)


  3. I LOVE that basket!!!!!!! If you wanna do a drawing for it, I'd love to enter. What an awesome find though. And those prices!!!

  4. HI! I am so glad I took some selfish hopping time today! Your blog is fun. I love the sewing find from the local goodwill. One of my favorite places to hand out. I too like that basket, but love the hankies! I have a bit of a collection of them, most from my grandmother and great aunt. I plan a quilt one day!
    I found you thru 2 bags full, thru...and thru...well it all started over at The Nickel Nook, which I followed from my tiny blog. Well anyway, so glad to stumble here! Joining!

  5. Hello Maureen,
    Thank you for your sweet visit.
    Your find is fantastic, and I even love the basket inside ,with the wonderful aqua coloured fabric. I think you was a very lucky lady finding this !

  6. What a great treasure chest filled with fantastic vintage sewing notions! I bet if you put the sewing basket up on Ebay, someone will snatch it up for the retro-ness of it! Thanks for sharing at TTF. have a wonderful week!

  7. What a great find!! I would have snapped that up in a heart beat! I have bought so many unusual boxes and baskets over the years just to get old sewing item inside!


  8. wow what a find, well done you. I love the Canada buttons, so cute

  9. Maureen,
    What a great find filled with so many goodies!! Definitely worth the money and you can always recover the basket!!

    Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.....


  10. I have to agree about the outside of the basket but I love the color of the satin on the inside and can't help but wonder if the outside could be redone?? The hankies are perfect just the way they are!


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