Sunday, May 7, 2006

2Peas Blogger Challenge: Pet Peeves

Oh, I could go on and on, but here are a few things I just have to shake my head at:

1) People who have no elevator courtesy...why the heck do they have to rush onto the elevator when the doors open, blocking the way of people trying to get off? I mean, really...I have to bite my tongue to keep from lecturing these nimrods ESPECIALLY when it's at my work - a hospital no less. Geez, a lot of the people getting off the elevator are patients, in wheelchairs or on crutches or steering an IV pole...I could scream at the lack of courtesy.

2) Another elevator peeve: do elevators REALLY come faster if you push the button multiple times? And I guess I don't push the button right, because nearly everyone STILL has to push it when they walk up, even though it's lit up and I am waiting for the elevator to arrive....grrrr

3) Do people who throw trash out their car window think that a magic fairy comes and cleans up after them? To me, this is disgusting, and I wish I could stop in the middle of the road, pick up their trash, and throw it back inside their car...just once....

4) Impatient drivers. I drive to work each day and have a monthly pass at the parkade down the street from my office. On most days, a block or so from my final turn into the parkade, there is usually a bus or two picking up passengers. Rather than try to get around them, I just wait as I am almost at my turn. The other day, a fellow in a pickup truck was behind me as I was waiting for the bus to go again. To my surprise, he screeched around me into the second lane, then cut me off squeezing between me and the bus, who just started going again, in front of me. Okay, I thought, he REALLY made some time there. But Karma was on my side. He was going into the exact same parkade as me and squealed up behind someone trying to get in - without a pass and the three parkade signs (yes, one is obviously not enough) were flashing "FULL - MONTHLY PARKERS ONLY". While this Yahoo was trying to get a ticket from a non-responsive machine, I drove up calmly, chose the next entrance lane and parked right away. As I left the parkade to walk to my office, I passed by the entrance and lo and behold, the jerk that cut me off to save a few seconds was STILL sitting behind the Yahoo trying in vain to get in....boxed in by yet another driver who chose the wrong lane. Love that Karma!

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