Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Big plans...

Well, PLANS anyway. Now that I've split my blog and focussed this one specifically for my artistic ramblings, I can start adding more to it. Creative Chaos is appropriate to describe the different "artistic" hobbies I have done / are doing. I have tried my hand at drawing, painting, sculpting, toy customization, cross-stitch (including designing), scrapbooking...and now I realise these are all things I do because I love art.

Since I was small, I can remember my dad teaching me how to draw and paint. He is a wonderful artist, unfortunately now his shaking hands prevent him from creating anymore. I remember him teaching me an oil painting technique on how to get beautiful clouds with highlights with just a swish of a fan brush....I was still quite small, but I fell in love with creating with my hands.

During school, I was always the one to be assigned the art projects; I remember doing huge murals for special occasions; in elementary school (I can't remember the exact grade, but it must have been 5 or 6), doing a huge buffalo on brown paper that was hung in our gym for our Manitoba anniversary (the buffalo was on our coat of arms)...gee, that was 1970 I guess, so I was 10 years old....In high school, I painted a huge lion directly on our gymnasium wall as it was our stayed up there for years! I drew the cover of our yearbook the year I graduated too...Gosh, this is bringing back memories!

I guess this partially explains why I do what I do now. I always wanted to be an "artist", but reality kicked in and I had to choose a career that actually paid the bills. So my passion was set aside as a hobby only. Perhaps that was good; I don't know if I would be as happy doing this under I can draw, paint or sculpt for relaxing fun.

Well, enough memory lane for now. I dug up some old drawings I have kept and over the next while will be posting them, as well as some of my current projects; everything from drawing to scrapbooking and cross stitch (yup, I believe these too are expressions of artistry!) Thanks for reading this far....back again later with more ...

By the way, the image above is a charcoal I did when I was about 13 or "Yawning Wolf" which nearly got chucked out, but I found it, cleaned it up as best I could and it now hangs on our fireplace in our living room.

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