Monday, May 1, 2006

2Peas Blogger Challenge

If you had to pick one person, that was alive right now.. who would you choose to spend an entire day with???

Boy, this is tough; do I go with the obvious, and say Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom? ;) Or do I get all mushy and say my hubby?

Hmmmm....I think that since I would feel more like Johnny or Orlando's mom, and since I spend a lot of time with my family now, I will pick someone I will never meet (but I sure came close last summer): George Lucas. I know, I know, the Star Wars geek in me has won out, but I would truely love the chance to spend the day talking to him like a normal person; I am sure he has a lot of great stories to tell, and experiences to share. Anyone who has changed the face of cinema so much would be fascinating to converse with. (BTW, I visited Skywalker Ranch last summer, but unfortunately didn't get the chance to meet Mr. Lucas) :(

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