Friday, May 12, 2006

2Peas Blogger Challenge

Cellphones. You love them or you hate them.
How has having a cellphone changed your life?
For the negative or the positive?

Well, for years I resisted temptation to get a cell phone. Then last year I was going to be doing a lot of travelling and thought it would come in handy instead of using an expensive hotel phone. It was also a good time for daughter, then 14 to have one too. We each got one in April, and then we bought one for hubby for Christmas this past December. I have to say, we don't use them alot, but when we do, they sure are longer does hubby call from the free phone at Canadian Tire to check and see what we want him to pick up from the grocery store...and now if we forget to tell each other something, we are always in touch. His especially came in handy when his mom took a bad fall a few months back and he ended up having to take her to the hospital. We were able to coordinate a lot of things like wheelchairs and such for her using our mobiles. So I think they are a good tool as long as you don't abuse them (I can't STAND it when some people have the most annoying ringtones and feel they HAVE to yell on their calls) while driving, in movies or just to blab. With our tough winters, I know I feel much better driving with a cell phone in hand (with 3 little stone bears "bling" on it!)

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