Friday, May 5, 2006

2Peas Friday Blogger Challenge

Complete these sentences...
1. I am the happiest when I am at home.
2. 3 of my most fave things to do are: reading, scrapping, painting/drawing.
3. I feel sad and alone when the rest of the family is away.
4. When I read a good book with a fresh cup of coffee I always feel happier/better.
5. I wish I could fix this. Replace my awful old carpet with hardwood flooring.
6. My fave summer past time is gardening.
7. One of my most fave things to wear is turtlenecks!
8. If I could give an obscene amt of money to one worthy cause, that cause would be: The Children's Hospital here at work.
9. My fave all time movie I have seen is Star Wars.(duh! what else?? ;) )
10. I admire generosity in other people.

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